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IPU Group... 50 Years of Innovation and Experience


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ComAp InteliLite: Next Generation Single Genset Controller

Rental companies, genset packagers, panel builders and genset users – there’s something for everybody inside ComAp’s new InteliLite.

Controller manufacturers used to be able to get away with selling basic controls for entry-level gensets.

Not anymore. ComAp’s new InteliLite controller has re-written the rulebook.

The world’s most successful single genset controller family has lots of new features to improve flexibility, usability and communication capabilities. These exciting features include:

1) 4G connectivity means your customers can communicate wirelessly with their gensets.

2) GPS and geo-tracking means you can promote an “unlosable” genset.

3) A brilliant processor and more memory support powerful PLC capabilities.

4) An hourly and daily charging capability is great for rental operators.

5) Geo-fencing stops a genset if it’s too far from its base.

6) Tier 4 Final compatibility means it meets tomorrow’s emissions standards.

7) Costs are kept low by packaging some features as options – customers only pay for what they need.

8) USB is included as standard.

See the rest of the key benefits:

To learn more about what this new family of controllers can do for you, contact the IPU Engine Control team on 0121 511 0420 now.

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Among the hundreds of options, we’re often asked “which battery charger is the best?”

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ generator battery charger – but ComAp’s InteliCharger 120 12-24 comes mighty close.

You don’t want to spend much time thinking about battery chargers but you know you need them.

You’re responsible for all kinds of different batteries but you don’t want your maintenance vans full of different sorts of chargers.

You need the flexibility of the ComAp InteliCharger 120 12-24:

    • charges both 12V and 24V batteries
    • 5 & 6A output
    • manually adjustable charging current
    • boost charge mode
    • charges lead-acid, VRLA, AGM, gel, flooded lead-acid and NiCad     batteries
   •  microprocessor-controlled, multi-phase charging to reduce battery stress
    • LED display of fault conditions
    • fault reporting to gen-set controller
    • DIN rail mounting

For more information on these chargers and their application, call IPU’s Engine Controls experts on on 0121 511 0420

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There are just a few weeks until the opening of the 41st Middle East Electricity (MEE) and IPU will be there to showcase our Engine Control, Fuel Conditioning and Oil Conditioning products. The exhibition is one of the largest meeting places for energy industry professionals and we would like to invite you to meet us on our stand - stand S1J30 in Sheikh Saeed Hall 1.

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Choosing the right battery charger can be confusing. Let IPU make the decision simpler.

There are too many generator battery chargers on the market. You’re tempted to buy the cheapest you can find but you know that you’re in trouble if you’re on-site without the right one.

IPU’s Battery Charger Product Selector will help you select what you need. It’s an Excel spreadsheet that lets you filter products according to what you need:

if you only need a 12V charger, that’s all you’ll see
if you need a fast-charging 10A charger, that’s what you can select
if you need a DIN rail-mounted charger, you can pick them out.

Access it here:

For more information on these chargers and their application, call IPU’s Engine Controls experts on 0121 511 0420

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IPU have announced its proposal to sell its Groundcare business to T H WHITE Group.

The sale allows IPU to focus on the energy and engine markets, whilst expanding T H WHITE’s diverse business group with a new import and distribution arm.

The Ferris and Wright operation will be run as a separate division within T H WHITE to preserve the independence of its relationships with existing dealers.

It is proposed that as of 1st February 2016 T H WHITE will become the sole UK distributor for Ferris & Wright mowers and will begin distributing these two brands to an established network of professional groundcare dealers. This new service will be offered from T H WHITE’s recently purchased 3.6 acre Stockbridge site in Hampshire.

The plans are for IPU’s experienced groundcare staff to join T H WHITE on 1st February. IPU’s stock of equipment and spares will move with them and any outstanding orders and activities will be transferred. This will mean business as usual for sales of Ferris and Wright mowers.

Read More:

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Want to get the best out of your ComAp or GAC controllers? Let IPU teach you how.

We’re delighted to announce that our new engine controls training facilities are now open. This latest addition to our global headquarters enables us to provide hands-on training seminars for both ComAp and GAC products.

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Where would Christmas be without IPU?

Everyone at IPU hopes that Santa brings you all the presents you want on Christmas morning. We know he’ll be out on his sleigh through the wee, small hours delivering presents all around the world.

If it hadn’t been for IPU, it might have been very different…

Shoddy maintenance by his elves (always downing tools and moaning about elf & safety – sorry), meant that his facilities at the North Pole were falling apart.

This is when IPU stepped in:

• Andy Whitehouse’s Fuel Conditioning team installed a polishing unit to stop cold diesel clogging the sleigh’s engine (the reindeer quit in 2010, complaining that Christmas was only meant to be twelve days long)
• Dave Caddick’s Engine Starting team fitted a new spring starter to the sleigh so the engine starts just as well at the frozen Pole as it does in the balmy Bahamas
• Doug Campbell’s Oil Conditioning team fitted an OilAlert system to the wrapping machine so it kept running all through the peak weeks
• Clive Carter’s Groundcare team added a snow blade to Santa’s mowers so the elves could clear the runway
• And Andy Whitehouse’s Single Sourcing team installed a coolant heater to the sleigh’s engine so it fired up at full power wherever Santa was

IPU’s Christmas closing times

And after that little bit of frivolity, here’s the serious bit. Santa may be working throughout Christmas but I’m afraid we’re taking some time off. IPU will close for Christmas from Wednesday 23rd December at 5 p.m. and we’ll reopen at 8 a.m. on Monday 4th January 2016, ready and raring for the new year!

Get More:

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National Research Institute of Canada data shows that 82% mechanical breakdowns are caused by solid particulate contamination in oil.

Kawasaki Steel were facing this exact problem. They took the step to move away from reactive repairs and become pro-active when it came to their lubrication – to eliminate the problem before it caused an issue.

Find out how Kawasaki Steel specifically targeted particle contamination by putting their oil through an improved filtration process:

Learn about IPU's lubricant testing services or call our Oil Conditioning Team on 0121 511 0450 to discuss your first step to improving mechanical reliability.

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It’s a well-known fact that electric starter motors can struggle when the temperature drops below zero. So how can you make sure your critical systems start in freezing temperatures? IPU has the solution and it’s hydraulic, air and spring. Here’s why:

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IPU is set to exhibit at Saltex 2015!

Want to see the Ferris and Wright in action? Head over to our stand at Saltex 2015 (G110) where we will be showcasing videos throughout the day showing exactly what these mowers can do. Expect to see them put through their paces, slaloming around obstacles and demonstrating the ease of unloading with a zero-turn mower.
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