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IOS Indian Ocean Software Ltd.
Outsourcing partner in customized, data-driven software development
Outsourcing partner in customized, data-driven software development

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We are pleased to move office to an address in Quatre Bornes. We'll be busy during begin of next week, and fully operational back on the 1st of July.

Customer support desk of a client is blown away by the new dashboard web app we delivered them.
Any fixes, changes and improvements inclusive deployment of tested code are done under the hood without them even noticing...

Light-years of difference compared to the previous app.

#AngularJS #WebAPI

Always a pleasure to communicate with existing clients about new requirements on previous projects or to discuss conditions for an upcoming assignment. We had this situation this morning from one of our clients in Australia.

Thanks for your trust and confidence into our work. And we're looking forward to assist your business again.

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IOS Indian Ocean Software Ltd. is proud to announce that we will be supporting the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community for the second Developers Conference.

This is a free, three-day technical IT event at Voila Hotel and Flying Dodo Brewery, Bagatelle. More than 200 attendees are to be expected on each day and there will presentations on up-to-date technologies in software development.

For more info or to register:

Final approval of client for complete overhauling of their client-facing dashboard application - Check!

We are very pleased with the result. For all the research, effort and implementation we'd like to thank our team members. And our customer is already eager to kick-off the next phase of improvements and extension of features.

Summary of the assignment:
Responsive dashboard app built with AngularJS, Material, Kendo UI and Web API

Complete overhauling of an existing management web application written in ASP.NET Web Forms based on modern approach and concepts of Web 2.0. The responsive dashboard app is built with AngularJS, Material Design and Telerik Kendo UI on the front-end, using ASP.NET Web API 2 and SQL Server on the back-end, and managing identities with IdentityServer3 (OAuth2, OpenID Connect, etc.).

#AngularJS +Telerik #KendoUI #Material

Interesting start into 2016.

Despite several active long-term projects we received a couple of new project requests since begin of the year. Ranging from Web API 2 development to Xamarin based app development to full-fledged desktop software. Looking good already...

BTW, we are still looking for interested software developers and freelancers from Mauritius to join the team.

Lucky and unexpected opportunity... 
We are going to port an SDK from iOS and Android platforms to Windows using C# starting in November. Even though it's a smaller project we are very pleased to work with an international startup, and to assist them in their product development

It's a very enriching experience to work with international clients and on different projects. We recently implemented a C# client library for a customer in the U.S.A. 

Communication based on email and Skype went smooth and it was a pleasure to provide skills and knowledge in software development.

We just got feedback from one of our German clients: "alles ist geklärt, alles ist erledigt, alles funktioniert." - all clarified, all done, all operational.

Thanks for the encouragement and it was a pleasure to work on this assignment. We implemented 2 new API clients in C# to query media information from national libraries and other service providers. In total we developed now 5 API clients for that client.

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Not an April's Fool announcement but we are providing our professional services since 7 years to clients in ‪#‎Mauritius‬ and abroad. Thank you very much for your ongoing trust and confidence into our work and expertise.
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