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Henry Goudreau
Business coach, author and seminar leader for contractors
Business coach, author and seminar leader for contractors

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The Case of Client A
Client A is a general contractor who was doing approximately $4, million in sales and they were in a negative liquidity position. They came to me approximately two years ago and joined the Golden Hard Hat Mentoring program. Dissatisfied with their performan...

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Understanding Pricing Models
Do you
understand what you need to charge for your construction services? Whenever a
prospective client tells me they’re doing a lot of work but not making the
money they should, I know they have a basic pricing problem. In other words,
they’re either not c...

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Did We Make a Mistake with This?
Since I work coaching contractors on improving their
businesses, I’ve found they are suffering with the same constant problem no
matter where they are in this country. This problem is causing endless headaches, and I think we’ve
made a major mistake. When I...

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7 Reasons to Have a Business Coach
If I were to begin my journey of owning my own construction
business again, I would refrain from the believe I had in the beginning of
thinking I knew what I was doing. Instead, I would have paid and sought the
advice from those who had already experienced ...

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That clinking and clanging you're hearing might be the ball and chain your business has attached to your ankle
If your business has you chained by the ankle to it, making you a slave to the business, and missing out on the important things in life, maybe you need to get help? And … If you've ever said to yourself, “There’s got to be an easier way to run a constructi...

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Understanding Business Metrics
I was reading a question posed on one of the construction group
forums last week that asked how much volume a contractor should have to be
successful and make a profit. Unfortunately, the basis of the question is wrong to begin
with. It assumes that there i...

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Things may change in a HUGE way!
No matter what your political outlook is, you must agree that things about to change in a big way? Watching the latest news, you can't help but notice the momentum and enthusiasm to get our economy back on track. Imagine, people back to work, making money, ...

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Get the Business Breakthrough You Need…
If you’ve been working to grow your business for a while now and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, then I‘d like to help you create a MAJOR business BREAKTHROUGH. Here’s the scoop… I’ve heard from a lot of small businesses that are having an espe...

How to close more deals - Part Three
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