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Paul Counsel
The top 1% of the most endorsed mentors in Australia for business strategy. (LinkedIn)
The top 1% of the most endorsed mentors in Australia for business strategy. (LinkedIn)

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These Are Some Of The Most Compelling Smiles You'll Ever See...

Discover... Why These Women Are Smiling So Completely

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Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Business Profits?

You can spend seven years and approx $27,569.oo studying decision science in order to learn how to Double, Triple or Quadruple your business profits...

This was the Do It Yourself approach I took...


You can give me 120 minutes of your time and I'll give you the Done For You approach which will save you years and thousands $'s...

Last days to register for this profitable and insightful webinar on the Decision Science you can use to double, triple, or quadruple your business profits through powerful marketing strategies.

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120 Minutes Or 7 Years?

It took me 7 years to learn how the consumer brain makes YES decisions.

You can take the same 7 years to learn how to become more profitable in business or I can give you this information in 120 minutes for less than one third for the cost of one book on the subject.

Webinar begins on the 13th so this is your last chance to enroll and get registered.
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It Only Takes 2.6 Seconds For Your Marketing To Fail

That’s how long it takes for the Decision Brain to read the first few lines of your copy and say No!

There’s no “maybe” for the Decision Brain… there’s only “yes” or “no”!

The Decision Brain is completely “me centric”… It doesn’t start reading your copy and say, “Well that’s a crappy opening… but maybe it’ll improve as I read on so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.”

When, the primal, emotional sections of our brains are triggered, they react in milliseconds at a pure precognitive level.

Yes and No decisions are precognitive, immediate and unambiguous, and they’re unaffected by different languages, culture or education.

If you trigger a “no” response… that’s the end of your opportunity, the decision brain does not come back to you.

If your marketing triggers an initial “yes” decision… congratulations, you’re over the biggest hurdle of all… but you can’t rest here because there’s a complex chain of events that now begin to unfold which could still trigger a “no” response.

An initial “yes” by the me centric decision brain doesn’t mean a final “yes”.

An initial yes just means that more of your copy is going to be read. But it’s not being read to confirm or justify the initial yes… it’s being read looking for reasons why it should say “no”!

You need to place the correct step in the right sequence so that the “me centric” brain remains interested. If you break this pattern your marketing loses all its effectiveness.

If you give it any reason at all to say “no”, your marketing will fail.

Join me on this powerful webinar The Deep Language Of The Decision Brain and learn exactly what you need to do to turn an “initial yes” into a “final yes”.

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Did You Know?

It's rarely the quality of your product or service that prevents you from turning five figure profits into seven or eight figure profits... Most often it’s the quality of your marketing that prevents your expansion.

There are lots of examples where good marketing has turned crappy products into profitable ventures... but there are millions of examples where crappy marketing has driven good products and services into the ground and their owners into financial distress.

If you offer a good product or service, you owe it to yourself to double; triple or even quadruple your sales and profits through more effective marketing...

If you want this to happen… then register for this must attend webinar on "Decision Science and Profit Driven Marketing".
7pm to 9pm AWST, 13th April 2016.

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How To Offer Increased Levels Of Value To Your Ideal Customers…

The level of human experience is all about how we use our five senses to form our representational systems that create our experiences… or models of the world.

We then use finer distinctions to help us communicate and understand what our senses are experiencing. Finer distinctions represent the world of meanings we give to things that come into our awareness.

If you want to positively influence someone… you can do it most effectively at the level of their finer distinctions. It's the language they use to describe the qualities of their sensory systems of taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight.

If you listen to your ideal customer’s language structure and the words they use… you can learn to recognise both the experiences and programming they’ve been exposed to.

As a marketer… your focus must be on the creation of a new set of experiences for your ideal customer.

These experiences must have enough impact to make sure their programming changes.

For this, you must know exactly who your ideal customer is… and be completely across the language they use. You must put their language into your marketing in order to get the decision brain to more favourably accept your offers.

Otherwise you’ll be speaking the wrong language to the wrong brain and experiencing more rejection than acceptance.

You can discover how to do this and more... when you register for The Deep Language Of The Decision Brain webinar...

Click the link for details...

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Now You Can Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Sales And Marketing Profits More Easily By Using Decision Science...

In rapidly changing economic conditions, businesses all around the world are facing increasing pressures to connect every marketing dollar to bottom-line improvements.

As old ways of marketing become less productive, gaps increasingly appear in talent, technology, and effective strategies.

This leaves businesses vulnerable to losing new revenue streams because they’re not connecting with enough new customers. Profits hit limits because new customers are not converting into new sales.

Failing to keep up with new marketing science, knowledge, and skills leaves you underprepared, and underperforming.

Sadly… your current marketing strategies could be costing you tens of thousands in lost revenue each year because your marketing is not targeting the “real decision brain”.

If you want to double, triple, or even quadruple your marketing profits... take advantage of the powerful new marketing information on this webinar titled The Deep Language Of The Decision Brain... and how to get it to make more Yes's and fewer No's...

13th of April... 7pm to 9pm Australian Western Standard Time

Register now for this powerful webinar... only 100 sears available

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Marketing is the life blood of every successful business... And, because of new research and technology, profitable solutions are more available to you today than at any other time in history.

More knowledge has been gained in the past five years than in the previous 100 years of market research. It's because new technology allows researchers to look at what’s happening inside the buying brain in real time.

This startling new information is available to you right now!

You can learn to profit from $1,000,000,000,000 in marketing research that’s just at your fingertips.

This powerful webinar gives you a front row seat into The Deep Language Of The Decision Brain. and the knowledge you gain will change your marketing results as soon as you implement these new Decision Science discoveries.

You'll have more influence, you'll be more persuasive and you'll produce more sales when you learn to speak directly to the decision brain.

Click the link to secure your spot now...
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