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now you have two problems!
now you have two problems!

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I read the news today, oh boy,
About a lucky man who made the grade.
And though the news was rather sad,
Well I just had to laugh.

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Missed this Ezra Klein piece the first time around - what we're still missing about Hillary Clinton after decades in the media spotlight.

"The obsession with communication — presidential talking and messaging — is a dangerous mirage of the media age."

The collaboration and work habits of the likely next American president are profoundly important, and don't get enough attention (or respect?) in elections. Having found Sanders more impressive in the primary campaign, this article has me rethinking my values a bit.

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Left a dish soaking as the washing machine was running - standing waves!

Finally had a use for the slow motion camera on the Nexus 6P.

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The Witness is finally out, and it's fantastic. It makes me feel like I'm back in the public library playing Myst...
Definitely worth full price on steam, unless you hate puzzles.

I'm used to the disappointment of traditional-media-meets-internet-meets-international-audience, and wasn't expecting to see much of this year's Rugby World Cup live.

Pleasantly surprised that +Eurosport picked it up in Germany and have a straightforward streaming setup (web/mobile/chromecast). Maybe we're living in the future after all?

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Helogland, Germany
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The German ELSTER site (online tax declaration) is amazing.

I suppose it would be too easy to display the welcome message on the screen, once I've successfully signed up. Instead:

 - I'm notified that I have 1 new message
 - the message has "Status: 90", whatever that means
 - I'm offered the choice to view it as HTML or PDF
 - Clicking "HTML" takes me to a java applet which wants me to enter my PIN (again)
 - having done so, the applet downloads an HTML file containing the welcome message to my home directory

This has to be some kind of joke, right?

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Well damn, this actually sounds pretty good.

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