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National Cancer Survivors Day 2017 - Celebrating the Mundane
Today is National Cancer Survivors Day . There are over 15 million of us in the United States and well over twice that many in the world. Events have taken place all over the country but, on this
particular national cancer survivors day, I am celebrating qu...

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Advocating in Public; Crying in the Shower
My friend Beth died
today. Metastatic breast
cancer killed her. She is in no way the first friend taken by the disease and she
certainly will not be the last. Even so, her death has hit me harder than many
of the recent losses in the cancer community. I wro...

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Healthcare is an Investment
Three years ago today, I was waking up from what I hope is
my final surgery related to breast cancer. Four surgeries in 10 months were
physically and emotionally exhausting but the combinations of those surgeries
were successful in not only making me cancer...

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Holding My Breath
This post has been brewing for months but it wasn’t supposed
to be written today. It was supposed to be written in a couple of days when my
pelvic scan results come back with “Yep, you have something weird but it’s not
ovarian cancer.” And the title of that...

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Grateful for 2016 & Happy Flipping New Year
In the last few weeks of the year, I’ve read many others’ thoughts
on how best to say “good riddance” to a horrendous 2016. But I’m not ready to
classify 2016 as a holistically horrible year. Given a choice, I think I would likely choose to live in a

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Three Years (and Five Months)
It’s been three years since I was diagnosed with breast
cancer. And so much has changed. Actually it’s been three years and five months since my
diagnosis on May 30, 2013 but it has taken me a solid five months to figure out
exactly what has changed. From t...

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Empathy, Education & Access
Another friend died this week. Cancer killed her. While I do my best to honor and remember those who have
touched me in some way, shape or form, I don’t choose to write about the passing
of each and every friend who dies of cancer. That would make my blog m...

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Through Darkness to Light
NOTE: This is the second blog post catalyzed by a weekend
(March 18-20) at the Commonweal Retreat Center  as part of a Bay Area Young Survivor retreat. There
may be more. Just over a week ago, I went indoor rock climbing with my
husband, daughter and cousin...

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Balance is a verb.
NOTE: The next several blog posts have all been catalyzed by
a weekend (March 18-20) at the Commonweal Retreat Center  as part of a Bay Area Young Survivor  retreat. Balance is a verb. On day one of my Commonweal retreat, we were introduced to a
bowl of bea...

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PART II: Teen Sugar Highs
And BOOM. There it is. Definitive diagnosis of Fructose
Malabsorption (formerly referred to as Dietary Fructose Intolerance or DFI). Ri had his 44g dose of fructose at 9:07am and we were sent
out into the waiting room to spend the next thirty minutes while ...
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