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Hello, I've been wondering this for a while now, but would it be possible to add in a 'change playback speed' option, maybe in the form of a slider bar? I feel like the current playback speed is too slow, making the transitions between turns seem almost choppy. However, I understand that the slow playback speed helps people analyze the games better, so the ability to change speeds would allow for both. I should also note that there is a discrepancy between the playback speeds of rgkit and rgserver, the former appearing to be faster.

If it saves you time, I would happy to make the changes to the rgserver repository myself. Just let me know what you think of this idea!

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Got the Komodo Dragon ...

Did mueslo break robotgame (temporarily)? 


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Lately, I've noticed that several copies of Peetee have been released into the system and although disabled, are still playing matches against regular bots. You can find them at the link below (Attendant, Superintendent, Gatekeeper, Cleaner, Caretaker) for anyone curious.

Although I've browsed these forums for a considerable amount of time, I have found no mention of what these bots are suppose to be doing. Based on ramk13's post about the slowly increased ELO and the ensuing discussion, my guess is that they are there to globally lower the ELO of all bots (nearly every bot in the top 40 is going down). However, I do predict a rift growing between csj's vengeance and automaton as csj's vengeance is able to hold ground fairly well against Peetee, but with automaton, not so much.

All I would like is some confirmation/explanation, preferably from WhiteHalmos. Thanks!

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When I go to ...

it appears to cut spirit off at the top. Maybe it's not ready for such an OP bot? :P

I have to click "All Bots" for it to show up.
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