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Strange. I'm not seeing my initial posting to this Community. Perhaps I never hit the post button.

Blog/Website/Social Presence - I am a lurker on many Disney related blogs and sites. I frequently read the Disney Tourist Blog, and the Disney Photography Blog. I am on Flickr at and have started slowly adding some of my Disney photos there. I lurk (almost never post) over at the DIS Boards and the Passporter community as WDWHarpua

Favorite Park -  I'd have to say that after our recent trip for the Food and Wine Festival Epcot is my favorite park . I love the Flower and Garden festival and now that I've experienced F&W I just don't see any park holding it's own. The food is amazing, the attractions are interesting and though not numerous, they keep the day filled. Illuminations is my favorite Fireworks show and... Well, you get the idea.

Favorite Attraction - This one's not in my favorite park, but after seeing the Preview in October and riding it 4 times, the new Little Mermaid ride may have taken the Top spot over Splash Mountain (WDW)

Favorite Resort-Hotel - So far my experience is very small with regards to where I've stayed, and if that's the criteria, I'd have to say The French Quarter over at Port Orleans. The grounds are stunning, the Pool was fun. The resort wasn't too big, and as someone who eats most meals away from the resort, the lack of great food options didn't bother me at all. Overall though, I'd have to say the Grand Floridian is the resort of my dreams. The dining options are awesome and the Location can't be beat.(well, maybe...)

Favorite Restaurant - In personal experience, the Flying Fish Cafe blew everything out of the water when we celebrated our engagement (7 months late) there this past October. The food was fantastic, The location at the Boardwalk is just great. Our service from Chris was nothing short of stellar.

Disney Bucket List - It's so long I'd spend way too much time typing. I'll put Every Disney Park on the list, As well as each Moderate and Deluxe Resort at WDW. I'd love to take a Cruise on a Disney ship to Alaska and in Europe (not at the same time, that's not possible). I'd love to get Married at Walt Disney World, and I'll be checking that one off the list in May 2013!!!!

Random Disney Fact About You -  The Flickr Disney Photography Community (and the broader Internet Disney Photography Community in general) gave me the inspiration to start to pursue Photography as a hobby again, after nearly 15 years.

Anyone got a SWTOR circle to share?

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HA! I can read this! Can you?
If you can read this hit the share button, but don't give it away.

If you haven't shared anything, with anyone, yet have hundreds of people in circles, you're doing it wrong.

I wonder if there's a way to search for any shared circles which included me... hmmmm

Hello to all of the new Followers. Got a bunch of you last night! How'd you find me?

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Yeah... It's Snowing in New Hampshire right now...

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My Nephew and sailboats from my DroidX. Last Boat trip of the season.

Tuesday night we heard an explosion outside our apartment at around 10:30 PM. Not sure at all what it was, but knowing there was no flash or orange glow I wrote it off as someone blowing up a bottle with air or something.

Last night a local police officer knocked on the door, seeking any information we might have as to who it was that may have been lighting off fireworks. I said to him, It was way bigger than a firework. We've had fireworks down the street a few times. This was an explosion. At this he nodded his head and told me that he had been driving by when it went off, right on the roadway.

I don't know who did it, and told him I didn't want to accuse anyone without proof, but the only local people I could picture doing something like that are some punk teenagers in a house across the street, and when I started to mention them he said a name (the kid's I suppose) and that they had moved 3 weeks ago, but they were the first name on his personal list.

It seems that they were bigger punks than I thought. Cops knew them by name. It almost makes me wish I had reported them for doing donuts in our street last winter. They almost hit me as I was getting my mail one day.

He took my information and gave me a card. I hope he finds who did it. Imagine if someone with a heart condition was driving past, or if there were cars coming in opposing directions and one swerved when it went off. Someone could have died. For a prank. Man I hate punk kids. At least I assume it was punk kids.
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