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Celebrating Independence day at TopSource
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Portico has changed!! We have upgraded Portico with a brand new user interface, dashboard and URL, Please visit
The Portico™ Application suite provides a platform suite of applications for enabling the payroll and accounting services and solutions provided by TopSource.
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New post (Designing a leave policy) has been published on
Designing a leave and attendance policy? Please read these 5 guidelines by our expert. We provide Leave and attendance management services to our clients. We cater to many clients, small companies and large ones, startups and established ones. We have seen some leave policies that can be rolled out without any trouble and some that are so complicated that they ... Read More
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TopSource #launch Portico #mobile App which is now #available in #Google play store and #Apple App #store.
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How To Choose Best Payroll Outsourcing Agency – Answers By TopSource For Small Business
<p>PAYROLL OUTSOURCING services have made it possible to manage the PAYROLL PROCESS without the need to maintain the large payroll …</p>
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Creative celebration of Holi at TopSource ...
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More feedback received on the new user interface of Portico from our client -
Dear TopSource team,
I loved the new look of Portico! Great job....
Thank you!
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Feedback received on the new user interface of Portico from our client -Congratulations!
The new interface looks nice and easy to use. Keep up the good work!
Thank you!
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A new version of Portico has been released with a new landing page that is a dashboard with direct access to all modules.
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Holi celebration at TopSource
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TopSource as an event partner for 'Finance, Legal, Accounting & Payroll for Small business'  
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Portico #App launched to deliver an intuitive user #experience to keep #employees connected.
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Payroll Processing, Accounting Support Services, Online HR and Payroll Software
We support 450 clients across every industry sector with their payroll and accounting needs. Our cloud-based Portico application provides HR support services.

TopSource brings to midsize companies a level of service and business value previously available only to the largest corporations. Our services are easy to deploy, highly affordable, and are readily scaled from basic payroll and accounting functions to deliver greatly expanded value as your needs – and your company – grow. 

Delivery of our efficient and flexible services is made possible by exclusive TopSource technology, most notably our Portico™ HR Data Tracking, archive and workflow system.

------- Our Story ------- 

TopSource was founded by four partners who wanted to combine their desire to build a great business with their belief that basic business services could be done better.

Our business plan was simple: We focus on the ongoing repeatable processes that are essential, but non-core to our clients. Our service delivery would take place in the UK and in India. We were, in essence, a multi-national start-up.

Over the years, we have grown the business without investor money. We have over 500 clients across three countries. We have 185 dedicated, hard-working colleagues. And we have an incredible ecosystem of business relationships that help us thrive.

We have bought some wonderful businesses, met great people, and built terrific products. We have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons. And though we have evolved in ways that we could never have imagined, a few simple truths remain:

Our clients rely on our integrity to do what we say we are going to do.

We don’t have sales people between our services and our clients.

When we are called upon to help, we do our best to find a solution that will meet the demand.

You can contact any of our directors, senior management team or any colleague. We answer our own phones. We find a way to make payroll and accounting interesting, challenging and fun.

------- Our Vision ------- 

TopSource will be the credible alternative to the major players for payroll and accounting application and support services in our leading markets.

As the credible alternative to the major players, we will have the scale, the infrastructure, systems, breadth of clients, client loyalty and people to deliver the promised service to each and every client within our target markets.

------- Our Mission ------- 

We will build our business strength and capacity through a mix of organic client growth and acquisitions of businesses and we will underpin our services with leading-edge products.

Our products will be able to stand alone and apart, serving the greater market, whilst enhancing our ability to deliver solutions more deeply into our clients’ organisations.

We will strive to deliver the promised service to our clients.

------- Our Values ------- 

The hallmark of our business ethos is flexible service underpinned by core values that support our capabilities. We will use these values as a foundation for interacting with and servicing clients, colleagues and the market as a whole.
This ethos includes:

Promised Service: We will be clear about what we will do for our clients, and what we expect of them. Delivering the promised service will require us to do what we say we are going to do, when we said it would get done, and we will do it according to our documented processes to achieve the expected outcome. This will include internal clients and external clients.

Pricing integrity: We will charge only what we quote. We will use clear and precise pricing language (and put this in writing) for our clients to confirm what we will charge, when we will charge, and when we expect to get paid.

Accountability: We are accountable for our work, our actions and our omissions. When we err, we take responsibility and raise any errors to the party impacted by the error. When we excel, we celebrate the success of our colleagues and our company.

Credibility: We have the skills and infrastructure to achieve our objectives and to deliver the promised service. We will ensure that our colleagues have the skills to do their job right.

Respect: We will treat our colleagues, clients and partners with respect by being direct and open about issues, opportunities and our understanding of responsibilities. We will expect the same in return.

Flexibility: When our clients come to us with a payroll or accounting challenge, we will always seek to create and deliver the solution.

------- Our Culture ------- 

Our culture is brought alive by our colleagues and the relationships that we have with our clients, vendors and partners. We constantly strive to bridge the ideals of our values with our day-to-day responsibilities and actions. When we succeed, we celebrate. When we fall short, we seek improvement. We look for ways to share our culture through stories and experiences as written by our colleagues. These are contained in our TopSource Storybook, a living document shared across colleagues to help us remember what is good about who we are and what we do.

In 2013, we embarked on a new way of sharing information and ideas across our business. We embraced a transparent exchange of ideas and information across our business to encourage accountability and align everyone in the TopSource family with our shared experiences, our goals, and a fresh TopSource vocabulary.

To learn more about us, visit us at or drop us an email at
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