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Perception is reality. Facts are largely irrelevant
Perception is reality. Facts are largely irrelevant

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Picked up a new toy this weekend. A gear S3 frontier. Now I've one less excuse to really bust my ass on my walks. I might graduate to light jogs, actually. I've spent all day tinkering with it, and getting things setup the way I like it.
Surprisingly, the only app I really have any issues with is Hangouts. It redirects me to my phone to reply to anything. And that's on a Nexus 5x. I'll be curious as to whether it does the same when I hook it back to my S7 tomorrow.

As an aside, my scale on the truck has been insistent that I weight between 275 and 280. I used the scale that Cathy and Rachel bought at the house today, and it says 264. Rachel says it matches what the doctor's office weighed her at pretty closely. I'm tempted to just go with that, and do my weigh ins when I get home each month. It won't be as frequent. But it's also dangerous to fixate on weight, anyway. Maybe I'll pull my scale in tomorrow morning, before I roll, and see what it tells me on the same surface as the scale at the house. That'll give me a more controlled metric.
Either way, initial impressions are that I'm happy with this thing. It isn't Android Wear, which bugs me a little. But I'm not sure how much of that is fan boy, and how much of that is legit concern. Maybe I'll go grab a wear device from Best buy next week and do a comparison, before returning one or the other
The big sell for the S3 is the ability to amortize payments. Wear will have to impress me to overcome that. The big test for this will be whether it tries logging my driving as walking or not.
Time will tell.

I've taken up walking on a pretty close to daily basis. Woohoo!
Downside: I'm using cross trainers (not ideal, I know. But I have delusions of grandeur involving actual wind sprints and circuit training, eventually). As a result of that, combined with flat ass arches, I'm starting to develop shin splints. I've had those before. Thank you, but no.
Anyone have any recommendations for good walking shoes designed for flat feet?

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One more time

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Because, Daily...

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This is what my company pays for a couple of days of fuckups with equipment (bad trailer lights, and a windshield replacement).
It's gonna be a good Friday

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One of my favorite Bone Thug songs for one simple reason: Tupac.
Think about this. Krazy Bone and Tupac. Could you find two more divergent styles? But they blend seamlessly from one to the other in this track, even when they drop the tempo to half for Tupac

So I decided to grab the YouTube music app and go head to head against Google play music.
I started a song and let the playlist auto generate from there.
The first test was on The Fray - How to Save a Life
The second was on POD - Youth of the nation
The YouTube music app beat the hell out of play music for staying on point, but started repeating songs after about 25 or so. Also, if I left the app for any reason it would change the upcoming song on the playlist. I think it was trying to adjust the playlist based on what I'd just liked
That being said, if you want a truly set it and forget it experience, play music wins. I've listened to it for a full 10 hot drive before, and never had a single repeat song. It does seem to go off in left field after a few dozen songs (pod eventually had me listening to Shakira, at one point. I love them both. But, wtf?). And liking a song doesn't really seem to have any affect that I can see on what's going to play in the next 20 or so on the list. I'm not sure it had any affect at all, for that matter.

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Curiosity. I've got a couple of smokers interested in vaping. I'm leaning towards starting them on the KangerTech cupti.
Anyone use this? Thoughts? Alternatives? They are both in the "vape as a utility" category. Meaning they profanity aren't ever going to be chasing or getting into rebuildables. 
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