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Last minute crafting
The plans.  Sometimes, they go awry. I was kind of late to the game for being organized for Christmas this year.  So, I started a hat for my grandmother at the last minute.  As you do. It was gorgeous, light blue Malabrigo.  Like butter.  Fun to knit.  Woul...

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Elf Shoes for the girls!
On the one cold day we had this winter, the girls realized I had elf shoes and decided (remembered) they needed some of their own. Mine are from 2008. I still had more of that yarn, including an un-started 2nd skein.  So, using all stash yarn, I made them s...

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More sewing with El.
For pocketbook 2.0, the feature list includes:  a zipper, a curved bottom, and two handle shoulder strap. She got a blue sewing machine for Christmas.  Now we're figuring out where to set up her sewing table and I'm thinking about what projects will be fun ...

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Sewing with El.
This fall, E decided that she wanted to sew one afternoon.  She was 7 at the time.  I think everyone else was at a teenager movie, so we had some time and attention available.  She sewed a bunch of pieces of fabric together. Scraps that I had near my machin...

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A hat kick
I have no idea what I've been knitting this semester.  I just know that right now I'm on a hat kick.  Portable, easy, uses stash, haven't made one in a while, short attention span. First I grabbed a skein of some kind of Donegal tweed that I got from my nei...

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Two things.  OK 1.  I have been sewing a lot of hexagons.  I sat down with a 10 year old friend and did some math.  To get a 56" square quilt (10 year old by 10 year old sized), I'll need a stultifying number of gray hexagons.  And something like a countabl...

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Hexagons and Instagram
So.....I recently bought an iPad Mini.  For a software engineer, I'm kind of a Luddite.  But, the last time I went to India for work, my daughter lent me her iPod.  Wi-Fi was pretty available, at least in the hotel, and it was really nice to be able to face...

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Wrapping things up
I started a project in February 2013.  I finished it in May.  Now I'm blogging the FO in June. It was going to be Sonnenblume , which has a beautiful lace motif.   I got it to the part where the lace was ready to start and left it there for like 2 years, wa...

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My favorite mug
When I got back from India, I posted the following on Facebook: Nice to be back home again on a Saturday morning. Up early making cupcakes with Ellie, drinking coffee that my husband made, in a cup my mom threw. This is the cup. My mom made it in 2007.  She...

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Quick Socks
Quick post for quick socks. My sister gave me two skeins of Borroco Sox for Christmas.  Here is the first skein in sock form ( rav project link ).  It's my usual vanilla 64 stitch stockinette socks ( 64bit socks ).  They're longer than I usually make, but t...
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