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Your kittens are safe with me.
Your kittens are safe with me.


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We had very strong wind gusts on Sunday, and the line of storms on Monday were just south of us.  I feel like this could have been us and would hope for the same support from others if it were.  But for now I can be the giver.  Please give what you can.

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I never heard of Firefly until G+.  So I started watching it this weekend.

So it's Wild West in Space?  I'm intrigued.  2 episodes done so far.

h/t +Mellie B 

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So I made this.  Dangerously delicious and way too easy. (A microwave brownie guys!)

h/t to +Christy Ramsey for the recipe here:

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"When women get harassed on the street, or at a bar, or on their walk home from work, do you know what we think? We wonder, am I going to get out of this safely? Am I going to walk away from this? Where are my keys if I need to stab someone in the eye? Are there people on the street? Will they hear me? Which way will I run? Does it disturb you that we think like this? That we have to think like this?  Women are constantly aware that "their rape" could happen at any time. You know you mean no harm, but how do I know that?"
"You don’t get it because in your world, this is just you being clever and hilarious, just a little light-hearted late-night banter! Where's my sense of humor? Dude, you are the third, or fifth, or ninth man this week to be rude to me, to think that what you want—to get a rise from your friends, to make your desire known, to make me uncomfortable, to project some twisted "proof" of your virility into the air—is more important than my comfort or safety. This is not an anomaly. This is constant."

h//t to +Richard Munroe who shared this with me this morning after complaining about being hit on. 

I'm looking for good places to give my money away.

Specifically in Chicago, searching for nonprofits that can make an impact to reduce gang deaths among teens and young adults or to aide victims, break the cycle, etc.  I've checked and Google searches but am not coming up with much.

Well maybe I found one:  What do you guys think?  Any others?

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So I've been gradually catching up on Doctor Who seasons.  I'm in season 4  season 3 now and finally watched Blink last night!

Thinking about this today.

* Only 18% of respondents who had symptoms characteristic of major depression or generalized anxiety disorder had received a diagnosis from a doctor.
* Less than one-tenth of the undiagnosed group believed that their symptoms meant that they had a mental disorder, and more than half of those with a doctor's diagnosis also did not agree.
* Undiagnosed respondents who reported that they would not seek a doctor's assistance for symptoms such as those covered by the survey were asked to respond to various possible reasons.
* 44% responded "not serious, I can handle it."
* 28% reported having limited or no insurance
* 18% reported being "too busy to see a mental health professional."
* 10% of respondents reported fear of having to take medications or not knowing of a doctor to go to.

These lists of reasons provide some useful information but fail to accurately convey the complexity of people's thought processes as they try to make sense of their symptoms, decide what to do about them, and then rationalize their decisions. Consider a person who has a serious disorder that somewhat limits activities and who perceives that treatment might be helpful. However, lacking insurance coverage and having competing wants and needs for use of available resources, such persons might decide that they want to solve the problem on their own and that the problem is likely to go away by itself eventually anyway. Thus, they might be willing to delay care and observe the course of their distress.


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Catching up on my 365 project after traveling this weekend.  I've added 017 to 021 so you can page through them in the album here:

This photo of a stack of books yesterday is my favorite still photo for 2013 so far.  The books at my parents house are weathered and well used.  As the youngest daughter has married and moved out this year, these books are beginning to gather dust.  I attempted to do some subtle 'aging' to the photo to complement this.

My son packed his own backpack for the weekend trip: one lego toy and about a dozen small chapter books (Magic School Bus and Magic Tree House).  He did take a look at Where the Sidewalk Ends and was enjoying some fun poems.


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I less than three my kitty  :)


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I am happily, bemusedly inspired by a moment captured such as this.  How can an arrangement of pixels elicit an emotional response?

As every family knows, it is not always sunshine and laughs, but that is what makes the good moments all the better.

I invite you to check out Erika's entire Silhouettes photo album:
Thought I'd add something new to this album. I just adore how each family interacts in a very personal way, almost like a signature! 
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