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Putin does not understand.

Question, Time Warner: Why am I allowed to add services to my account online with only my zip and phone number, but I need to wait for a paper bill to show up before I can register my online account to actually pay for said services online?

Ugh, I'm encrypting only my harddrive, installing Xcode, and doing some light web browsing. Why is my HD Venture Brothers episode stuttering?

My boss apparently asked his wife to start playing Farmville to see what makes it tick. I feel like this is asking someone to start buying from a crack dealer to see why his customers keep coming back.

Oh my god, "Ghost in the Machines", the new Futurama episode may be the saddest ever.

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Some 75,000 people have seen this SMBC Theater, yet I'm pretty sure this is confirming that I'll never have a career in acting -- amirite?

Thanks for letting me on the show anyway, +Zach Weiner

According to Steam, I'm apparently coincidentally playing TF2 on the one year anniversary of the last time I played TF2. Rocking my Primeval Warrior Badge and preparing to get yelled at by a lot of angry teammates.

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