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Give $1 to 'Families in the Philippines need food.' and Irwin will match it. Support World Food Program USA together! – One Today by Google

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Give $1 to the nonprofit project 'Fight trafficking with education' and I will match your donation.

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Wow, just found out one of my favorite blogs is closing down. Sad day. He brings up an interesting point though, is blogging essentially dead? Replaced instead by plethora of social networks and content reposts? Seems like it's going to get a lot harder and harder to discover new interesting content. =/

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Interesting camera footage here! (Various balls + skipping stones bouncing on water from side view in slow motion.)

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By far, the coolest wall, ever.

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Another breathtaking time lapse video! This one was made from photos taken by the current residents of the International Space Station, the crew of Expedition 30. Set to the song "Walking in the Air," by Howard Blake, the video takes viewers around the world, through auroras, and over dazzling lightning displays. The sequences are as follows:

:01 -- Stars over southern United States
:08 -- US west coast to Canada
:21 -- Central Europe to the Middle East
:36 -- Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
:54 -- Storms over Africa
1:08 -- Central United States
1:20 -- Midwest United States
1:33 -- United Kingdom to Baltic Sea
1:46 -- Moonset
1:55 -- Northern United States to Eastern Canada
2:12 -- Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
2:32 -- Comet Lovejoy
2:53 -- Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay
3:06 -- United Kingdom to Central Europe

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:: Artistic authors share their skills and talent on Google Plus
Have you meet them yet? .. if not, now is the time for that! :)

Artistic Side of Google Plus | Part: IV
+Allison Sommers - Illustrator
+Bruce Jensen - Illustrator | Painter
+Cate Rangel - Illustrator | Painter
+Charles Taggart - Painter
+Claudio Cerri Illustrator - Graphic designer | Illustrator
+Djet stéphane - Illustrator | Cartoonist
+eulalia cornejo - Illustrator
+Fran Zis - Illustrator | Painter
+illustrator.artist sioux - Painter
+James Day - Sculptor
+Jeremiah ketner - Illustrator
+Kelly Vivanco - Illustrator | Painter
+kevin ledo - Illustrator | Painter
+Lee Wiley - Illustrator | Cartoonist
+Linda Hoover - Painter
+Luis Dueñas - Graphic Designer | Illustrator
+Manola Caprini - Illustrator
+Noah Bradley - Environment Concept Artist | Illustrator
+Olivier Sednaoui - Architect
+Thierry Lafontaine - Illustrator | Painter | Concept Artist
+Tobias Kwan - Illustrator

Here is the last list for this week.
Next week on Friday, I'll be ready with a few more lists about creativity sharing through Google Plus, I even think to make it as a tradition for every end of the week, so you can keep busy on the weekends exploring the new artist portfolios.
What else, oh yes, from next week my list will include also: art & craft + jewel designers!
I'll stay open for any other suggestions from you too! :)

Here are the links to the other parts of my collection:
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