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For the love of nuts!
For the love of nuts!


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In case you have not seen the Squeers Trailer ..You an catch it on Vimeo too.. Pride Month may be over but the coming out of Squeers journey is just beginning!
More news soon! ;)

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Screen Africa have posted an article as Squeers "comes out" during #PrideMonth
Thanks for the article , your support is appreciated!

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Squeers team on the Expresso Morning Show - SABC 3 . Chatting with Katlego Maboe, Wendy Spinks, Roberto Millan and Craig Damster. Thanks for having us on your show.. What fun, we hope you all loved our lil Squeers show as much as we do.
‪#‎IAMPride‬ ‪#‎IAmSqueer‬
See more about Squeers @

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The Squeers interview on the Expresso Morning Show - SABC 3 from yesterday is up online in case you missed us.
Nice one for previewing some "out there "clips from the teaser on live morning television. Katlego Maboe appears somewhat unhinged! :) LOL
Note the bunny between Craig and Robbie.. Aaaah squweeet!
You can view the full trailer here :

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For the love of nuts, the TIME is NOW!! Please check out our little trailer.
This is our moment when we COME OUT , LOUD & PROUD and ask that YOU will all get Squealing 'n Squeeting!
#IAMPride #IAMSqueer

Big thanks to the whole team.. @MattTorode @GertanA @Lebogang @CraigDamster @Verite Ent.@Popthe Culture @ChristopherSmith @VeriteRene @VeriteDonald @RickZief

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Just 1 day left till we can share our little Squeers teaser.

This is what the Voice Producer & VO Director over in LA had to say...
“As two openly gay producers who live and work together, just like Artel and Neil, the idea of two gay squirrels and their daily creative escapades was very relatable and irresistible! We’re very proud to be a part of such a clever and fun project. The show deserves to get picked up. Also, selfishly, we’re looking forward to having more fun in the recording studio with everybody! " ~ Verité René , Verité Entertainment , LA.

‪#‎IAMPride‬ ‪#‎IAMSqueer‬

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Then there is Pigeon Papa, now he is in love with Neil, and no, he doesn’t believe in safety words!
Did you know that pigeons are bisexual?
Just 2 days left till we get to share our little teaser with you!
#IAMSqueer #PrideMonth

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Just 3 days till we can finally show you the teaser the Squeers team have been working on...
Meet Artel, he's the real mind and drive behind Artiel Designs.
Like Don Draper of Madmen, he is also the creative director of
an ad agency with a similar vigour and work ethic,
but unlike Don Draper, he is loyal, and really ONLY has eyes for ONE tail, and that be a MAN tail.
Oh, and he is short.
‪#‎IAMSqueer‬ ‪#‎PrideMonth‬

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It's Friday! Squeers!
PS. We are going live onThe Expresso Show next week Tuesday 7th morning to talk all things "Pride" & "Squeers".
Catch us at 7 am- 7;30 am on the "morning after "we release the #Squeers teaser for the first time.
Check out what Anthony Silverston – Head of Development at Triggerfish Animation Studios had to say after we gave him a sneak peek at the teaser- "It’s a fresh concept with great characters brought to life by the talented Matt Torode and team.”

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It's time we came out, don't ya think?!
As Pride Month kicks off, we gonna count down to the great un boxing of our lil Squeers trailer!

JUST 5 days to go...
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