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We've moved!
Hello! It's been a long time coming, but we've officially moved our blog over to Squarespace . Blogger has served me....well I won't say well, but it's served me for 5 years. If you'd like to continue following along, make sure you check it out! Those follo...

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The Best Festival in Japan
It's funny how you can really want and mean to do something, but somehow 4 years slip by and... wait what? I've never written about my favorite festival? Somehow I've never told you all about the festival that is so special to me and I have almost 0 picture...

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Tsukimi at Sumiyoshi Taisha
Well somehow, even though I've tried to fight and deny it, tomorrow is officially fall. We're in the middle of a series of fall holidays in Japan and tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox. While this doesn't mean much in terms of weather changing, it does mean tha...

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Hello There
Well hello there. That was an unexpectedly long break from the blog. I didn't really plan on disappearing from this space at all, but life caught up with me and there was no time to sit to edit photos or to think of stories to you all. The last 4 months hav...

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Camellia Temples in Kyoto
Well somehow May is well underway even though I still haven't adjusted to March being over yet. All signs point to the next few months zooming by, even if I keep wishing it would all drag by. Not looking forward to those steady pay checks disappearing. I'm ...

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Busan and Yonggungsa Temple
It's been about 10 months since our visit to Busan last summer, but I thought I'd finish sharing our photos with everyone. Like I mentioned last time , we stayed overnight at pretty nice love hotel right outside of Jagalchi Fish Market , so when we woke up ...

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Kobe Animal Kingdom
I was just thinking the other day that I never post things I'm currently doing. This is mostly because I'm lazy and working through a backlog of photos I never edited, so I'm sorry I never get photos out in a timely manner! I'm on spring break right now and...

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Hiking in Japan: Mt.Takatori
Last summer, I was wasting time on Facebook when I scrolled past some of the most interesting photos I had seen in a while. A friend has posted pictures of a huge buddha in a forest with mist swirling all around it. He said it was one of the best hikes he h...

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Tottori Beaches and Onsens
On our last day in Tottori 鳥取 and our last day of vacation, I had a mission. I had been carrying my swimsuit for an entire week and had not used it once. I also wasn't about to end a vacation in Japan without going to an onsen 温泉 at least once. Our bus back...
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