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Paul Leavitt
Always seeking to grow.
Always seeking to grow.

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A lot can be said about Apple, good and bad. But one thing that cannot be disputed is the beauty and simplicity of their packaging.
#apple #packaging #industrialdesign

I just saw a commercial for Slight, and it looks really, really interesting. Love a lot of the concepts.
#slight #movie

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When young Aussies have a birthday
Their northerner friends should say hey!
And keep in their mind
this factoid sublime
The Aussies are forward a day!

But if you’re on top of your game
and remember their day’s not the same
a gift you may purchase
your friend to leave wordless
when presents arrive with their name!

So Jasmine I hope that this day
finds you in a very good way.
Enjoy it down under
your booty to plunder
and cake with your tea, hip Hooray!

Happy Birthday +Jasmine Ruigrok!! You're a true friend, outpourer of love, and inspiration. Enjoy the second quarter century of life!
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Because I can.

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A very happy 20th birthday to +Jessie Dales! You've been a wonderful friend and fellow adventure seeker these past couple years, I look forward to many more!
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The most evil button on the internet: XKCD's 'random' button.

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Scrap the midlife crisis Tesla (you leverage fans know what I'm talking about 😏😎), I want a tank.

Note to self: never, under any circumstances, set your phone on the hood of your car. You will forget, and drive away.

Thank heavens I remembered moments later, and it hadn't been run over. 😦😬

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We limit ourselves by the lies we believe, by how we live in fear of what other's will think. Kyle's biggest point though, to me, is how we so often can't accept the love of others, we can't believe they really mean it, because we don't love ourselves.
#iamloved   #godslove   #video   #vulnerability  
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