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Rinpungpa's Guidebook to Shambhala .... "The Knowledge Bearing Messenger" (1557 AD)
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ RINPUNGPA: "The Scholar King". A Tibetan prince was the last of a dynasty of Ministers who ruled Tibet during the 15 and 16th centuries. He was considered one of the fin...

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Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772 AD) Tantra, Kabbalism & Shambhala
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772 AD) .......a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and mystic..........Renowned most of his life for his contributions to ...

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Tzimtzum: Primordial Space & Time in the Kabbalah
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ "The tzimtzum or tsimtsum (Hebrew צמצום ṣimṣūm "contraction/constriction/condensation") is a term used in the Lurianic Kabbalah to explain Isaac Luria's (1534-1572 AD) d...

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Yungdrung Tharpaling...Lamayuru Monastery & Mahasiddha Naropa (11th c. AD)
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ "Lamayuru or Yuru Monastery (Tibetan: བླ་མ་གཡུང་དྲུང་དགོན་པ་, Wylie: bla ma gyung drung dgon pa "Eternal Monastery", Lama Yungdrung Gonpa......Urdu: لمیرو گومپا‎) is a T...

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Yu Zurpuchen: The Crystal Youth of the gZermig Terma Text
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ "Accounts of Tonpa Shenrab's life are to be found in the Zermik (Wylie: gzer mig....Clear Eye), and Ziji (Wylie: gzi brjid). The gZermig was a terma text discovered by t...

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Druk: Dragon, the Sound of Thunder, Druk Sakyong
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ Druk in Tibetan means dragon but it also refers to the Sound of Thunder. "The Bon Master Shenrap and the Redemption of Tobu Dode:......In the opening sceses of chapter 5...

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Yungdrung Chakshing
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ Drenpa Namkha holds a Yungdrung Chakshing in his right hand to indicate the indestructibility and permanence of the Bon teachings. "Yungdrung Chakshing is a symbol of co...

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A Cavern of Treasures and Shenchen Luga (1017 AD)
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ "A Cavern of Treasures (Tibetan: མཛོད་ཕུག, Wylie: mdzod phug) is a terma uncovered by Shenchen Luga (Tibetan: གཤེན་ཆེན་ཀླུ་དགའ, Wylie: gshen chen klu dga') in the early ...

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The Nine Ways of Bon & Iranian Central Asia
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ "The teachings of Yungdrung Bon did not solely originate in Zhang-zhung, but were said to have been brought from Tazik, that is, Iranian speaking Central Asia, to Zhang-...

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Hadda: Greek-Buddhist Archeological Site
************************ Click Here to View the Main Index ************************ "Haḍḍa (Pashto: هډه‎) is a Greco-Buddhist archeological site located in the ancient region of Gandhara, near the Khyber Pass, ten kilometers south of the city of Jalalab...
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