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Phillip Jackson

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New series I hope to start aside from my @focusedfirechat #destinylore series.
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Phillip Jackson

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Focused Fire Chat - Weapons of Sorrow

Alright guys and gals, I know that I have not posted here quite as often I used to - things have been uber crazy! I was on an episode of Focused Fire Chat the week before last were we discussed Vex. I gave two big shot-outs to +DBMgamer and this community, cause this is still home to me. 

So! With that said, surprise, I am going to be on again next week! This time discussing Weapons of Sorrow and I would love to get some input from our G+ community in there.

To get everyone started that my not be familiar with what a Weapon of Sorrow is, I give you the in-game flavor text for the Year One bounty A Light in the Dark
"The Weapons of Sorrow were born from forbidden use of the Hive's dark power. We thought them eradicated. But recent developments suggest one of these weapons may still exist in the Hive's Summoning Pits."

The above bounty/quest yielded the infamous Thorn, which we all know as a Weapon of Sorrow. Another known Weapon of Sorrow is Necrochasm. We are theorizing that Touch of Malice is also a in this family as well, since it meets the definition from the bounty above. There has been much discussion over other weapons, such as Bad JuJu, Red Death and most any Crota's End or King's Fall weapons. Not to mentioned the possibility of Black Spindle. Why these weapons, you might ask? Because they were all altered through Hive Magic.

Example: Did you know that The Black Spindle was given to Crota's sister's Ir Halak and Ir Anûk by Oryx, because The Black Hammer was deemed unworthy of them?

Black Spindle Flavor Text
Ir Halak and Ir Anûk laugh at Crota.
Finality is a child's plaything,
Fit for one such as Crota,
They say.

No Hammer for the Unraveler and the Weaver,
But a Spindle, wound with woe.
For their foes,
No end of suffering.

This discussion is based on the fact that Oryx made The Black Spindle, as well as Crota made The Black Hammer. If a Hive god made the weapon or altered an existing weapon, does that deem it a Weapon of Sorrow? We don't know, but it makes for one hella good conversation! I want to hear what everyone here has to say, so... Go!

NOTE: This episode will air live, next Wednesday night at 10pm CST. 
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Sounds good man, will do, I love this sort of stuff.
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Focused Fire Chat is live!

Come join us and special guest +My name is Byf as we discuss Osiris.
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Sure thing. I try to post to the community when we go live. I only say "we" because I am a stream mod for them.
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Focus Fire Chat - is now live

We are discussing the Exo Stranger with special, Mike, from +PlanetDestiny
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Focus Fire Chat is live!! Tonight, we are talking about Titans. Come hangout.
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Phillip Jackson

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I had a lowly Dreg thinking I was an Olympic scout. Sadly, I am not.
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You guys and gals have to check this out -
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+nicholas schoonbeck Cool! The link above was shared in our Focused Fire chat. I will share your in there as well.
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Focused Fire Chat is live!
Tonight we are discussing Dredgen Yor & Jaren Ward.
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Phillip Jackson

Discussion  - 
Focus Fire Chat is live!

Tonight, we are talking about Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner.
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Did you guys know that the first auto rifle you pick-up, as a new guardian - the Khovostov 7G-02, has lore ties to Rasputin? Weapon and item lore in this game is just unreal! The stories of these two real-life people are just breath taking. Personal, I knew of the "real" Rasputin from other in-game research, but had no idea Khovostov was a real person, let alone the fact that he had dealings with each Rasputin. Mind=Blown!

This entry merely documents their political relationship, not the stories. It's an item wiki after all, not a script for an upcoming documentary.
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Any of you lads on PS3 I would like to go into combat with such idols as yourself XD
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Phillip Jackson

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Getting back into the "swing" of Rift
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Phillip Jackson

Discussion  - 
The Division Foundation Story

Did you guys know that the story of The Division is real, or at least based on real-world events? I could go into a long diatribe, but I'm not. +Boomslangg | The Division does a far better job of that. Checkout Episode 10 of RAR - They cover the whole back-story and inspiration to the game. 

TLDR; The back-story of the game is based on one US Government executive order (Directive 51) and a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted from June 22–23, 2001(Operation Dark Winter). Links to both below. 

Operation Dark Winter - _

*Directive 5*1 - _

After hearing this, reading into them both a bit more - it took my hype level to 11. 
Robby from Open World Games joins the RAR crew to tell us a little bit about himself as well as discuss the latest news on The Division in the form of the Intelligence Annex, plus the foundation of the story in The Division, Operation Dark Winter and Direc...
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Live in Corinth, MS with my awesome family! We are originally from Greenville, MS, but due to work we have moved a few times. I currently work for a local copier dealership, were my primary function is network technician, configuring scanning solutions and helping clients with document management systems and tasks related to office and document workflows.

My favorite hobby is web development.I love CSS, but absolutely suck at design. So I tend to concentrate most of my efforts on backend development using PHP primarily, but teaching myself C# and .Net at time. As for front end development, I love using AngularJS!! But I also like jQuery for really quick simple things. Not a big fan of large frameworks, but Laravel4 is really great. Totally hate large core CMS's like Wordpress and PyroCMS. I am currently in the process of a redesign of our companys site, so... 
Bragging rights;
  • Greenville High School
    1989 - 1993
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Although at our time of stay, hotel was recently constructed, you can tell that the details were rushed. Bathroom countertop was cracked in 6 or more areas while being set. Closet door was coming apart and random noises could be heard, in the room, with no explanation. Staff was nice and helpful. Our view of the Back Bay Harbor was great! Would consider staying again.
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Awesome experience, great service and amazing food!
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