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Just a Instagram post:

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New photo blog post:
"A state of mind in images..."

Street photography on a dark day in Chicago... the darkness you see is not always what is truly there.

"Let him that would move the world first move himself." ~Socrates

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Perhaps the unusual part of the Vivian Maier story is that photographers everywhere are jealous of the photography of a nanny.

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Someday I'll get there... somehow...
From the Guardian: Travel... The Beautiful South: Antarctica.

"The Antarctic has no government, no passports, no police force, no permanent human population, just a system based on trust."

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The new HU International Programs page of G+.

I love it because it isn't just stuff about the programs, but all sorts of travel tips and tricks and news from around the world.

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On the streets of Chicago: Monks and Marilyn by the Tribune Building:

Today in photography class: teaching a brief intro "Visual Storytelling."

Anybody have an absolute favorite photo essay of all time?

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Probably one of the best explanations I've ever seen of the Inverse Square Law...

(From the Unknown Photographer)
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