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Awareness is key. Having a voice and using it.

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"Don't expect dreams to be punctual ... they will come when they are supposed to." - Unknown

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How tolerant are you of others choices?  Are you respectful or are you silently boastful?

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"Just because your wish did not come true, just because it blew away before you could set it in stone before puckering your lips and gently blowing them yourself ... does not mean that life did not grant a wish somewhere, to someone.  It just wasn't your time yet." - Brittainy

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Happy Thanksgiving Blog:30

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A fun one for a Wednesday read ...

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3 Traits Of A 'Good' Relationship

A recent article from PBS looked at the current research on happiness ( One of the most significant findings was that, whether we’re an introvert or an extrovert, we’re happier when we have close relationships in our lives than when we’re alone.

Healthy relationships are absolutely essential to our happiness. This probably isn’t shocking news to most of us – our own life experiences have shown this to be true. But the key to this happiness is finding those close, loving relationships. Here are three important traits to look for in someone when you are searching for a relationship.

Find someone who:
   Accepts your past. We all come with baggage. Find someone who’ll help you unpack it.
   Supports your present. We need a cheerleader to help us get through each day.
   Encourages your future. Having a partner who encourages you to pursue your dreams is essential.

If you’re looking for a 'good' relationship, this list is a great place to start.

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