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The Home of Professional Instrumental Tutors.
The Home of Professional Instrumental Tutors.

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NEW Bass Tutor in Leeds - Sam D.

"I attempt to accommodate to the needs of all my students and cater my lessons to suit their abilities. I don't believe there is only one way to learn to excel at an instrument. Everybody has their own way of learning!"

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"Fun and easy to follow lessons which provide a good base to becoming a better musician. Thanks to the lessons I'm improving quicker than I thought I ever would. Awesome work."

- Matthew Douglas

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"I am flexible with my teaching style according to what the student is looking to get out of having lessons. My aim is to teach students to teach themselves because that is the key to successful practice between lessons. I achieve this through thoughtful development of technique and general musical understanding."

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"Hey everybody. I'm here just to publicly say thanks to João for all the hours that we passed together. Great teacher and great friend! I've loved drums for a long time, but your passion, given and kindness behind your kit show me how to enjoy my hobby. My class was at the first Friday hour, before I go to work, and for sure the best morning of my week. I know that with your skills, musicality and your hunger for knowledge you will go far. Thank you again, my friend. Best wishes."

- Miguel Ramos

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"After going to David for lessons I began improving at a much better rate once he had shown me the right techniques and approach to practice that I wasn't learning from books and DVDs alone. His lessons are always fun and I highly recommend David as a tutor to anyone looking for lessons."

- Michael Kaye, Leeds

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NEW Drum Tutor in London!

"Due to my experience in working as a percussion teacher for both mainstream students and with learning disabilities, I gained the confidence in tutoring and helping students in their confidence-building and ability to achieve goals, both academically and socially."

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NEW Singing Tutor in London!

"Learning to sing should be informative, energising and lots of FUN!

Each pupil will be treated with patience, friendliness and respect. Lessons will consist of technique, style, interpretation and pronunciation. Everyone has an individual and unique voice. Together, we will unlock your full potential, be it with or without examination. Each lesson is recorded so that the pupil can listen back and use it as a practicing tool in their own time.

After my lessons, I hope you will go away with a spring in your step and a song in your heart, giving you more self-motivation, self-discipline, confidence and self-expression."

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"Jack showed me simply how to direct my learning, allowing me to find real improvements immediately and continuously. His calm manner and real enthusiasm for music is infectious."

- Alex

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"Friendly, knowledgeable and highly skilled, both as a musician and a teacher. Jamie takes the time to find out what I want out of playing guitar and adapts the lessons and the pace to that and to my skill level. I am over 50, but relative ages are irrelevant – Jamie is a good teacher for any age of student."

- Ian B Student at RAW Studios

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"As a longstanding student of Brendan's, I have progressed rapidly as a drummer for a number of reasons: Brendan has taught me how to get the most out of my practice time, how to improve all key areas of my technique and musicianship, and has provided me with a wealth of resources taken both from his own experience and in the form of books, pieces, and other materials. He is an absolutely fantastic teacher, a great musical mentor, and to top it all off his lessons are the highlight of my week. He is a great listener and is able to help with everything that I am unable understand without him. I cannot recommend Brendan enough for adult learners like myself."

- Richard, 37, Leeds
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