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Joe Ford
Web Marketing nerd and tech afficianado. My job entails both.
Web Marketing nerd and tech afficianado. My job entails both.

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Handy! Thanks +Thomas Morffew 
New Google+ Users: Official Google Pages on Google+
Products, services, Google around the world and more

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Apparently, if you ask #apple  Siri about +Project Glass, Siri will respond with some humorous responses...

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Google Now
Different parts of Google working together:
The Google We Always Wanted:
Understanding Google:

Google+ ->           #Okay+ 

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SEO Assholes

Who's got your vote?

H/t +Lorna O'Brien for sharing

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We hope all of our followers had a peaceful weekend!

No sleepless nights envisioning a Monday of bug fixes.
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We hope you're as happy as this dev today!
And that you're not working this weekend.

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A press release I've written for +Clearvision-CM - Might be interesting to anyone who is looking for a software suite to work collaboratively (and in this case dramatically reduce emails). 
#Confluence   #confluence2013  
Clearvision Brings Confluence Collaboration to Mackay Shields

Clearvision have been helping Mackay Shields collaborate using Atlassian Confluence. Using Confluence Mackay Shields were able to reduce emails by 20% and focus on what's important. Read our press release here.

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Awesome video! #Geek  #Geekweek #Walle
We consider ourselves (software) engineers at Clearvision but this is something else!

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Interesting points. The age of context is upon us and we're happy to roll over and let Google tickle our bellies as long as we get  reminder when we're in Tesco to buy milk.
Why is Google over the freaky line?

Lots of people are going to be very nervous about the Age of Context that we're heading into. Where our services get smarter and smarter about us and start serving us. That's the good part of Age of Context.

My new MotoX phone will listen to me full stop. What if I start talking about bombs or suicide or quitting my job and joining a cult (something my mom did, by the way)? 

When I visited SRI they were working on systems to figure out when veterans were turning suicidal. Just by listening to how people talk. They don't even need to say anything unique and the system is getting pretty accurate at figuring out who is suicidal  (the veterans are asked  to read the same 500 words into a microphone and it just studies their voice).

Now that our phones are listening to us full time, will they call our doctor when we start acting depressed? Or ordering food that we shouldn't be eating? 

Read this story about how a couple had their home searched simply because they were searching about pressure cookers and backpacks.

I've been telling people that there's a good and a bad side to ALL technology. People in cars die every day (37,000 per year in US alone). Yet I get in my car and enjoy visiting startups, going to the office, buying groceries, going to movies and concerts, and heading over to see friends, every day. I don't think about the consequences of driving a car too much. 

This "Age of Context" is arriving very quickly. I predict that within a decade we'll all be wearing hundreds of sensors. At SRI I saw one sensor they are developing that can tell if you have pancreatic cancer. Think about that. Will it tell your insurance company before your doctor even knows? 

Welcome to life "over the freaky line." It just arrived with the Droid and MotoX phones. Gets even freakier next year with Google Glass and iWatches and other things that have sensors in them.

So, are you freaked out by the Age of Context? Or are you willing to put up with the downsides to get the good? (I am).

Now excuse me while I finish my searches for diesel fuel and fertilizer. Oh...

But to answer the question: Google is over the freaky line because many of us want the new features it'll bring. It is a differentiator for Google that other companies will struggle to match.

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How a coder eats breakfast

Optimal, prime.

Thanks to +Adam Flood for sharing.
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