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Remy Porter
Not much of a problem, but one heck of a solution
Not much of a problem, but one heck of a solution

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Papers, please, comrade.

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"Naked Trump Troll Doll" is horrifying, but still not half as horrifying as "President Trump"

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And my "I'm avoiding the fuck out of Uber" campaign continues, because… jesus christ, fuck the shit out of Uber.

I mean, basically, anybody who isn't' Nietzsche and uses "uber" is an asshat, and let's be honest, Nietzsche is kinda an asshat.

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It's like a Shyamalan twist: America was a third world country THE WHOLE TIME.

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Let's turn away from the unrelenting shitshow that is Trump, and take a moment to look at the unrelenting shitshow that is the Pittsburgh Sewer and Water Authority.

Over the past century: our combined sewer system overflows during heavy rain, dumping both runoff and untreated sewage into the rivers. The EPA is involved in trying to get the city to fix this.

Over the past year: changes in their treatment process have caused the water to leach lead out of some service lines, meaning people with older service lines are enjoying extra lead with their water- high enough to get the EPA involved.

Two weeks ago: Changes in the treatment process meant that the amount of chlorine in the Highland Park Reservoir service area (most of the city) triggered a Boil Water Alert. The EPA wasn't involved- while PWSA complied with Federal regs, they were failing state regulations. Oh, also, this may have been an attempt to game lead tests, since reducing the amount of chlorine means less lead leaches out of pipes.

Last week: a pump at the Highland Park Reservoir fails, due to operator error. Most of the service area see a significant pressure loss, some lose water completely. Fortunately, this was late at night, I guess.

Today: there's a leak someplace dumping 10,000 gallons of water.

Hey, this is apropos of nothing, but did you know that PWSA outsources its core operations to a private contractor? 

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When a news story is so perfect that you have TWO MST3K episodes to crack jokes from. It's a crossover episode! I want a confrontation between Johnny Longbow and Old Man Crenshaw!

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This is the weird shit I've been up to musically lately. RnD is a pretty exciting project, I think.

The Trump administration needs the narrator from Arrested Development to explain what's going on.

Trump: I have no special ties to Russia.
Narrator: He did.
Kelly-Anne: Trump has every confidence in Mike Flynn.
Narrator: He didn't.

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There's always a snickering seventh-grader in the back of my brain.

Remember, Congress gave Admiral Grace Hopper special dispensation to remain on active duty well past the mandatory retirement age. Why? Because she invented COBOL. That's what she did to people she liked. Imagine what she could do to you if you made her angry.
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