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Ian Struckhoff
Comics Writer, Photographer
Comics Writer, Photographer

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After working at LevelUp for over six months, I can honestly say I've never had a netter job or enjoyed a workplace more.

(And as one friend attested, I'm perfectly honest when I don't like a job.)

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Posting just because I want to win.

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Shamelessly posting in hopes of winning a phone.

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I started a new blog-- One part lifeblog, one part ancient Philosophy. What could go wrong?

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Hipster Disney Princesses: The Musical!

Two nights in a row, home trying to be productive. Last night, I caught up on errands, bills, and chores. Tonight, I need to buckle down and get FAILSAFE ready for print. Here goes!

All of my most impressive injuries are self-inflicted.

Forget the crown, I was there for the sideboob!

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