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Hey people, sorry if this question has already been asked, but couldn't find a similar one in the feed, so...
Anyway, I was wondering if you knew any nice ROM for the Nexus 6P (Angler) with OMS support (not legacy).
I tried nitrogen os and digitalhigh's rom but wasn't satisfied. Currently running an unofficial build of lineage os, and it's really nice and stable, but it's missing oms. Any idea?

Hey people! I'm gonna buy an i7 6700k, and I was thinking of using a be quiet shadow rock 2 air cooler with it (comes at about 40 EUR).
Would you recommend it? Do you have any other options for the same price?

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Hey people, I just made this video, it's about 5 Linux app picks to help you get through 2017. I think this might be useful to some of you.
Let me know what you think, and what would you have chosen instead?

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Hey guys, I just made this video about my top 5 app picks to start 2017. Let me know what you think, and what you would have picked instead!

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Hey people! First of all, nice ROM, it's got nice features and it feels pretty stable overall. I have a couple of questions: 1) can I enable the "click" sound when I tap on the navbar? 2) is there any way to get the pixel animated navbar?
Thank you

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Hey people!
I had an idea the other day, to make an automated GUI installer for GPU drivers for Linux. I know many new users find it pretty difficult sometimes, expecially when fiddling with hybrid graphics and such.
I decided to call this little app cab-driver, and I think it will do for now.
I just need someone to make an icon for me, so if you like to play around with inkscape and you feel like helping, you can drop your icons down there in the comments.
Here's the repo on github, where I'm doing the development:
If you have any suggestion or request, just let me know!

Hey guys, is it just me or some apps like amazon and amazon prime video don't work on this rom? They both crash on startup. I'm running the latest rom version on Angler, and I'm not using any substratum theme nor I changed the dpi. Any idea?

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After protest, Lenovo brings Linux compatibility to Yoga 900 and 900S

Lenovo created a stir when it said the Yoga 900 and 900S hybrids would work only with Windows, not Linux. The company has now changed its stance, bringing Linux support to those PCs.

The PC maker earlier this month issued a BIOS update so Linux can be loaded on Yoga 900, 900S and IdeaPad 710 models.

The BIOS update adds an AHCI (Advance Host Controller Interface) SATA controller mode so users can load Linux on the laptops.

This is a Linux-only BIOS, meaning it should be used only by those who want to load the OS. If you want to continue with Windows, do not load the firmware.


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Solus project might be (I say just might!) one of the super rare cases I was wrong! I was like that Linux doesn't need yet another system, but Solus is proving to be quite good. And I mean like operating system, not as the desktop shell, which in my opinion it (Budgie) needs lots lots of work!

Now how can be possible a system by a small team to competing Red Hat and Canonical (on desktop) ..only a god knows!

#solus   #budgie   #gnome  
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