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Sonia Poynter
Writer, Mom, Wife, Living life!
Writer, Mom, Wife, Living life!

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I'm moving blogs, and I've opened a shinny new website! But, don't worry, everything is switching over. <3

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I'm moving!
Not literally, but digitally. In the next few weeks, I'm switching everything over to  I've loved my stay here at Willows Writer, but because of convenience, hey, I'm all about convenience, everything is switching over. So  all the blog po...

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Pretty sure I was patient zero of the zombie virus.

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I'd only planned on taking a few weeks off...
I was only going to take a few weeks off to get my back into shape, but let's be honest, those weeks turned into months. My back issues knocked me for a doozy in February. To solve the back issue, they put me on prednisone, which in turn lowered my immunity...

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Cover Reveal for Signs of Attraction! Check it out!

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Cover Reveal for Signs of Attraction
I'm super excited to announce the Cover Reveal for Laura Brown's SIGNS OF ATTRACTION! I virtually met Laura from a Facebook Writers group we belong to. She is pretty much awesome. So Here it is: Coming June 14, 2016 from Avon Impulse Do you know what hearin...

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Basics on what to do after you've written your novel.

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You've written a novel, what next...
I've been laid up with a bum back for the past few weeks. For some reason it's killed me to sit at a desk, so I've been lounging in different chairs much like Goldilocks, attempting to find the perfect position. Today, I'm actually sitting at my desk. Yay m...

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Second Draft
Second Drafts Writing isn’t easy. It
is a lot of man hours and time spent learning, studying, daydreaming, and working.
It isn’t for the faint of heart. At points I think my head will explode, at
points I’m pretty sure it does, but oh how I love it! To see ...

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My favorite Movies...
Lists. I  heart  them.  Something about
formulating a plan, always makes me excited. Recently, I've started drawing
little boxes next to my lists, just so I can check it off when the item is
completed. Now, I used to cross things off, but as of late, I like...
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