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"Shut It"
On March 18th, after work, I get a text from Ben asking me who Orny Adams from Teen Wolf was. I thought this was  little random but I figure he must of ran into him or something. I told him how he was the lacrosse coach and how on the current season he was ...

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I'm in need of a miracle.  My break from school is almost over.  I'm a little sad because I won't be able to sub and make money but on the other hand I am moving forward with my degree.  Since I took this term off, I need to write an appeal letter for my fi...

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Happy Tears
So I will be busy when school starts again next week but I will get into that later. Last I left off, I was planning my outfit for my date night with Ben at an aquarium. I was planning on wearing a jumpsuit but it was getting cold and I had just received my...

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Almost HERE
It is almost time for our date. I went to the mall yesterday and found an outfit for Friday. I just need to figure what accessories to wear with it and shoes. But at least I have something I feel comfortable in and won't necessarily freeze in. I also saw th...

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Around The Corner
Ben's birthday and Valentine's Day are just around the corner. I have everything but one thing! I am still waiting for the Pokeball to be delivered. Its estimated delivery time is between Feb. 8-12th and I need it by the 12th. I hope it comes on time becaus...

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Found It
So I found what I am going to give Ben for his birthday and Valentine's Day. So for his birthday, some red headphones, I think I mentioned them before and 2 packs of Pokémon cards.  Then I found on eBay, a pokeball with a heart, which I'm sure has a name. I...

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That Time of Year Again
It's that time of year again where I start thinking about Valentine's Day and Ben's birthday. Every year it seems like we don't spend Valentine's Day together because one of us is either busy or sick. But that doesn't mean that I don't constantly think abou...

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Going through so many changes and some I am not ready for. So  during Thanksgiving break, I watched 3MSC and Tengo Ganas De Ti. After watching TGDT, I thought maybe their was still chance Babi and Hache would get together down the road but now I think maybe...

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Pumpkin Spice Time
It's fall and pumpkin spice time.  School has just begun and already I feel overwhelmed. I literally have something due every week but at least I have till Friday to get it done.  Anyways, I was not expecting to have observations this term and I do. I was h...

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I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I am not sure what is going to happen but I am hoping for the best. For now, I'm not going to think about it and enjoy the rest of the day and what is left of it. Anyways, Ben is trying with us and I couldn't be happier....
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