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Nate W Thibodeau
A geek with a heart and passion of a lion!
A geek with a heart and passion of a lion!

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Is it ok to have one of those OBD monitoring products (like ScanGuage or UltraGauge) hooked up to your car to monitor stuff at all times?

I see folks that even make custom dash mounts for these type of products, and they do look cool. 

But do they tax the cars computer? Can running one of these all the time hurt the life of the car or its electronics?

Is it ok to have the same model tires but with different DOT codes (manufacture date) installed?

I just had 4 brand new Michelin Defender XT tires installed at Costco and I noticed in the documentation that 3 of the tires are manufactured  5015 and one of them is 3414.  So one is 1.5 years older than the others. This older one is mounted on the front Passenger side.  

Is this an issue?  The newer ones feel just a wee bit softer, or stickyier to me when i rub my hand around it....but I am not really sure.

Hey Scotty,  ever think about releasing a "blooper" video?  Curious to see if u have any mistakes, outtakes, or otherwise amusing things that got cut out of your videos.

I just installed some CoverKing Leatherette front seat covers in my 2007 Dodge Caliber. Now the Passenger Air Bag OFF light is on and the Air Bag light is on in the dash. I checked under the seats and doesn't look like I knocked out or messed with any of the wires and all of that under there when installing.   I  checked OBD with Torque app on my codes reported.  (I do have side air bag but it is in the door frame not side of seat.)

 What can I do?  Air bag will still work right?....thinking maybe the slight pressure from the seat cover is freaking out the sensor in the seat? I have sat in and out of the seat and turned the ignition on and off....light still stays on.....don't feel like taking the covers off to see if light goes out since it was such a chore get them on.

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Ever hear of RockAuto parts?  Wonder on quality of parts sold?

Is letting a car idle for an about an hour while just parked harmful?  I spend my hour lunch break from work sitting in my car with the heat or AC on and watch youtube vids (recently yours .lol)....Just wondering if this is bad to the longevity of the engine. Thanks. 2007 Dodge Caliber 43,200 miles

Anyone know as to the quality of Ironman RB-12 tires?  The used car I bought recently came with these new tires installed. I have never heard of this brand. Can't really find too much info about them online.

I work during your live I cant ask my question maybe you will see it here.  

I purchased a used 2007 Dodge Caliber base model with only 43,000 miles for $6,900. I did have it inspected at my local shop and they said it was in amazing shape..practically a new car. (i had only 2 days before had a different car inspected there and they found severe issues with it and they told me not to buy it)  I was just wondering if you(or anyone else) has any kind of history or insight into the longevity and reliability of the Caliber.  Anything I should know about or look out for?

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