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Tervehdys! Kesäleiri lähestyy uhkaavaa vauhtia. Tällä kertaa sitä vietetään Kesärannassa  maanantaista sunnuntaihin 20.-26,7. Luvassa on maanantaista sunnuntaihin mukavaa yhdessäoloa, raamattutunteja, saunomista, pelejä, kisoja, painia ym. Leiri alkaa maana...

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Parisuhde vai pari suhdetta
Lueskelin tässä eräänä päivänä tarinaa amerikan ihmemaasta. Osassa eteläisiä osavaltioita on vastavoimana yhden yön jutuille ja on-off-suhteille noussut romantisoidun menneisyyden ihannointi ja termi "courtship". Ajatuksena on, että kaikki nuorten rakastava...

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Sinä yönä roihu nousi taivaisiin  ja hopeiset veitset välähtivät iskiessään tuoreeseen suomenlahden siikaan. Maailman lehdistö järkyttyi, kun tuulipukuihin, ristiriipuksiin ja kommandopipoihin sonnustautunut terroristijoukko valtasi Töölöläisen kalakaupan j...

Just finished the zombie campaign I have been talking about.

The zombie plague was a nanotechnological version of a biological weapon, able to be shut off by command, released into US in a terrorist strike. When the interconnected nanobots multiplied enough, the weapon gained sentience, was horrified on the conduct of humans, and decided to reprogram itself to make humans immune of diseases, have regeneration abilities and be able to get their energy intake from sun. It intended to eliminate war by making sure nobody has any reason to go to war.

The players started running for their lives from a horde of living dead, and the campaign ended into a discussion about nature of humanity - is it worth to sacrifice some of humanity on the altar of transhumanism to live forever, or is it a sacrifice at all?

The characters decided that staying human is worth more than living forever, and also thought that the risk of somebody getting into the system and using the nanobots for nefarious purposes was too great. So they drove a Stryker gun platform loaded with C4 into the "server farm" of the plague, thus destroying the now-interdependent nanobots and ending the plague.

Who wants to play transhumanist singularity-zombie-nanobots? That is a genre, right?:P

Amazing how gaming stories tend to sound way crazier than they actually were in game :-)

I just ran a session where the characters were defending themselves from giant half-robotic zombie vultures with frying pans. In a speeding car. With a comatose friend to protect.

They were saved by a high altitude nuclear detonation.

This happened in somewhere northern US. The SLBM was british, and came with a british general broadcasting "We are about to drop a nuclear bomb on you. I advise you to seek cover for a day or two".

All this made perfect sense. And the campaign is not rifts :-) 

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