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Eris Adderly
AKA Literotica Author DeathAndTaxes. Pervert. Bawdy Empress. Licensed distributor of Snark.
AKA Literotica Author DeathAndTaxes. Pervert. Bawdy Empress. Licensed distributor of Snark.


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Free story for you! I used to have this one for sale in a boxed set, but that set is no longer available, so I can do whatever I want with the story now. And I want to give it to you! You can read it for free right now on Have fun! :D
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That's how I get my tail! #pirates #memaids
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“Did you seek me out on this bridge just to speak of my jewels?” she said, lashing irritation like a whip.

He chuckled behind her, the sound all shadows and coiling smoke.

“No, I did not.”

Fingertips came to the far side of her jaw. A glint of light in black eyes. That mouth on hers. Again.

I'm still at work on The Eighth House! A couple lines from an all new steamy scene for you on a Monday.
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How 'bout a little Gallows Pole for you on a Monday? Find out what happens when a thief tries to bargain with the hangman.
✥ ✥ ✥ ✥
“I’m looking for a woman.”

Dear God almighty.

Finch snorted. “This ain’t that kind o’ place, friend.”

Her eyes were wide as saucers in the dim light of the stair. A deadly curiosity made her wonder if the hangman wore his hood, but this was no time to pop her head round the corner to see.

“No,” Vane said, “a missing woman.”

“If she’s missing,” said Finch in that drawl of his, “how should I know where she is?” If it were under any other circumstances, Emmat would have laughed. Finch’s natural propensity to make everything difficult now served to buy her time.

“Now just you listen.” That low note of threat had come into his voice now and, to her chagrin, the dark tone wove its way up the stair and straight between her thighs. She bit her lip.

No, Emmat.

“She may have passed this way,” he went on, determined. “She’s maybe … twenty-three? Twenty-four? Travelling alone, I think. Green eyes. Hair like an angry sunset. Tongue probably sharp as a blade?”

The last bit made her smile from her hiding place, despite herself. But her fear remained, chasing the expression from her face.

Finch had of course seen her, not an hour ago. They’d carried on an entire conversation. How intimidating was Vane being down there? Of all the times not to be able to see. She squeezed the fingers of her left hand with those of her right, praying, straining to hear.

“Can’t say as anyone’s been through here, what looks like all that.”

Oh, thank God.

The proprietor would not sell his patrons to the law. Not if he wanted to stay in his sordid little business. There was silence for a long moment, and Emmat tried not to breathe.

At last, she heard Vane let out the sigh of a man who had strong suspicions he was being misled, but didn’t know what he could do about it.

“Well,” he said, “If you do see the likes of her come through here, you can tell her …” There was a shuffling sound here, made by what, she wasn’t sure.

Tell me what?

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥


#gallowspole #eroticromance
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"Dark, poetic, riveting." ★★★★★
Readers love Gallows Pole!
Everything comes with a price.

In 1716, a capital crime costs a man nothing short of his head. If the condemned can't come to the hangman, there's no need to worry: Old Jack Ketch will come to him.

Emmat Bird does what she must to keep her parents under a solid roof and her fool brother out of trouble, even if those things are dangerous and most days illegal. Today, that involves forging a stay of execution from Judge Couch and racing it to the gallows before her brother's neck stretches. A fine mess, indeed, but the only solution she can think of to keep her parents from disowning her once and for all. She just has to get the executioner to buy it.

Bartholomew Vane travels his country circuit, meting out punishments demanded by the law. Shunned to live on the fringes for the taint of death surrounding his post, he cares very little for the wants of others. Why should he? The world shows him no mercy, and he sees fit to return the favor. When the third rider in the same grey morning appears at the foot of Gallows Hill attempting to stay the noose of the witless convict he's about to hang, the executioner finds himself losing patience.

But then the pieces fall together. The flaming red hair, the name. He knows who the final rider is. Reason leaves him, and in its place, a terrible plan takes shape. The hangman makes a bargain.

Against her better judgment, Emmat accepts.

Follow award-winning author Eris Adderly off the beaten path where outcasts do what they must, and urges long-contained rise up to take what they want. Let her decadent, filthy prose sweep you into the past, into the unyielding arms of the hangman.

This dark erotic romance novella twists across the page with graphic descriptions of sexual acts, and is intended for mature readers only.

#historicalromance #erotica #dubcon
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"The Devil's Luck" is on SALE for just $0.99/£0.99 today through 💘 Valentine's Day 💘 in the Amazon US and UK stores! If you've been holding off, now's the time to get a deal on the steamy pirate romance of your dreams. 🔥🔥
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Here's a sneak peek at the next new thing I have for you guys. Can't wait to get this out there! [yes, I'm back to work on Emperor, nobody yell at me :p]
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The Maid and The Cook: A Devil's Luck Vignette is now available on Amazon for just $0.99! 
"Cutthroats and thieves ply their nefarious trade aboard The Devil’s Luck, slashing a path of piracy and swearing back and forth across the Atlantic. On a ship packed hull to hull with scoundrels, romance blossoms about as often as dead men tell tales."
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"I like to take a well-known trope, reach into its guts, and twist something vital around backward so now it’s farting a tune and whistling— OK, you know what? We’ll just stop there. You get the point."
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In which I reveal my new ebook cover:
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