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Scott Burgess
I've always wanted a tagline.
I've always wanted a tagline.

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Google + still confuses me. I think I'm officially old.

Now trying to figure out Google Voice before I head out for Your-up

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See, I don't just write about cars -- zombies getting out of cars is another topic I like.

I officially HATE google.

OK, why am I not nearly as impressed with Google+?

Vacation starts tomorrow, but why do I feel like it has already started?

I think more than two updates during the course of the day is too many. Once you hit six updates, well, I won't see your seventh... it's blocked.

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My apologies for the double Google + accounts, Google has not been friendly to me and locked me out of the other profile -- when it transferred something and did something and made my other account a biz account.
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