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Sooo . . . . laser pistols. It seems that laser pistols use the normal to hit chart. Am I right so far? It says that the laser pistol does no less than 5d6 on a grazing shot? When does that happen? Is it any miss?

Also, in the weapons list it is listed as 5d6/10d6/15d6. I can't figure out when 10d6 would ever happen though . . . help?

I asked the facebook hivemind and now I turn to you:

Is it wiser to go ahead and buy the tablet that exists now but has been available since last summer, or wait for the rumored but unconfirmed second generation?

Teachers: anyone have any experience using Class Dojo?

This has not been a good spring for my garden. The spinach froze and the arugula has bolted.

There seems to be a general desire with social networking sites, facebook, G+, whatever, to make things more complicated, more difficult to use and understand, and more memory intensive. This trend is shitty.
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