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Meghan Mclaughlin
To the ends if the earth will you follow me?
To the ends if the earth will you follow me?

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Weekend Trip to Las Vegas
Some say that New York is the city that never sleeps, but I think Las Vegas earns that title. I flew into LV late on Friday night after work, arriving at 10 pm PST (12 pm CST) at the Harrah's Hotel and Casino. Huge shout out to Harrah's for the beautiful an...

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Harry Potter World - Orlando
The magical world that is Harry Potter. As one of the BIGGEST fans I had to make my way to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. It's really everything I want and more. I truly felt like I was walking into Hogsmeade and meeting my frien...

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Weekend Trip to Colorado
For my 25th birthday I decided to spend the weekend out west. I knew I wanted to spend time in the mountains and have amazing weather. So what better place to visit than colorful Colorado? I fly into Denver but immediately made my way to Boulder. The short ...

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Summer Music
One of my favorite things to do is listen to live music outside. There's just something about the warm breeze, starry, nights, acoustic guitars, and musicians that are eargasmic. Chicago has amazing venues, summer concerts, and festivals that appeal to all ...

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The Book of Mormon - Mother's Day
This year, we saw the Book of Mormon, in Chicago at the Bank of America Theater. Holy moly, it was fantastic and hilarious, and satirically touched on many religious and social issues. What's great about the Bank of American Theater is that no matter where ...

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Palm Springs, CA
Last week, I went on my first ever business trip! I only started working at my new job two weeks ago and they needed some extra hands on deck. Extremely nervous and excited, I packed my bags, laptop, binder and as many notes as I could muster to prepare for...

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Chicago Segway Tours
This post is way past due but it was totally awesome that I must share it and it must be my first Chicago post. Almost one year ago, my family and I decided that Father's day was going to be an adventure. My mom suggested that we go on a Segway Tour. So exc...

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Florida Road Trip
Since I'm back in the States and jobless,  I decided to join my sister on her spring break! We took a road trip from Martin, TN to Florida. I rented a car, packed my backpack and a bag full of snacks, put in a full tank of gas, and hit the road! Leaving beh...

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Well, I've been home for two weeks now and it's strange how quickly I've adapted. After a mere 24 hours, it felt like I never even left - I guess you never really leave home, right? The cold weather on the other hand I did not adapt to quickly or willingly....

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Clock Work.
I've been living and working at the Coral Inn Resort for one month now and never thought I would know so much about cleaning, gardening, and painting. As part of our gig at Coral Inn, we've committed 4 hours of work per day for free accommodation. Danielle,...
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