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Narinder Singh
One of the founders @Appirio, a cloud zealot, aspiring philanthropist
One of the founders @Appirio, a cloud zealot, aspiring philanthropist

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First of all, the fact google + doesn't integrate with google apps yet drives me crazy and is why I barely use it.

Second - this Marc getting booted from Oracle Open World melds with star wars analogy is just too fun not to write about. Amazing set of tweets from people on this. Here is my summary and editorial oversight.
Emperor - Its larry, I know I started with the vader thing, but vader redeems himself, im not sure larry was ever anakin. And the whole hardware thing is further towards the dark side.
Vader - tough one, TBD, Gates is a a good call here, though its not perfectly in context. He has totally redeemed himself
Yoda - Jobs, has to be
Han / Luke - This is definitely Parker and Marc, though who is what is actually a bit tricky, I prefer to use them interchangeably. If I have to pick, Marc is Han - swashbuckling and more irreverent than luke and the cult hero. Also the use the force is a bit of the technical undertone that fits parker
Death Star - Oracle Open World / Oracle Buildings. Love this one and thx to adamse (twitter)
The Wookies - NOT Ewoks - The ewoks in return of the jedi were supposed to be Wookies. I'll use that interpretation and say is the wookies. A mob that has the ability to just tear up the on-premise world
X-Wing Fighters - Heroku - great add from zacharyjeans and they just go together, revolutionary technology that is all of a sudden everywhere
The Force - The Cloud is clearly the force, even larry is starting to get that and trying to find a dark side
Light Sabers - I like elay cohen's thinking on this (iphones) but will extend it to all of mobile. Its something that is very interconnected with the force.
Boba Fett - Mark Hurd, gun for hire and a bad ass, but on the wrong side.
Lando - Kraig Swensrud, he is just as smooth, but to really live up to lando he would have to down a 40 before the keynote, I think it would improve even his high level of performance

I could go one forever, but will let others continue to add to the story !

I stuck with the originals for the analogies for obvious reasons, the last (first) three had their moments but without editing the cheese factor was too high.

Trying out Google Plus - seems very cool, improvement to Facebook in some ways, but 700M users behind is a lot of ground to make up, especially when FB is also innovating rapidly !
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