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2013 Beauty Favourites!
Hello everyone and welcome to 2014!! I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year, sorry I've been MIA for quite a long time (schoolwork and other business I had to attend to). Today I'll be sharing my 2013 beauty favourites - I don't really wear ...

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Autumn Wishlist
A few things that I have been really wanting for the autumn time: 1. Military Boots I'm not that particular on the brand, however I do prefer a tan/brown colour pair of boots because it looks more relaxed and laid-back. 2. American Apparel Nail Varnishes Ne...

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What's in My School Bag?
So I decided to start a new series, called the "What's in my _____?". Basically, I'll be showing everyone the type of bag (style, brand...

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Tumblr blog!
Hey everyone! A lot of people were surprised when they realized that I didn't have a Tumblr account. I admit - I used to have 2 blogs ...
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