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Come follow along at our new home on the web, Thank you! ******** keep up with me at: bloglovin' | twitter | instagram

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Baby Shower!
This post is very very overdue.  It should have been posted up around April 20th or so, but you know... Life gets in the way, especially being pregnant and everything moving at lightning speed.  That said... Here is an overdue post on my lovely and quick ba...

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Week 29 Bumpdate
Size of the Baby: Small Cabbage (17 inches, 2.9 pounds) (according to the What to Expect app) Total Weight Gain: 16
pounds. Still at 16 pounds, thank the Lord! Gender: Girl ( click here ) Name: Violet Marie Makanamakamae Janel Badajos Nickname: "CHALUPIE" ...

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Big Announcement: Brave Dame Shop
After about a year of countless hours day dreaming and months of talking about this new idea and shop, I've finally opened up the Brave Dame Boutique . What is a Brave Dame? A brave dame is a woman who is courageous and strong.  A woman who fights through t...

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The Fours Party
So I'm really lame and found this post on Two Thirds Hazel .  So I'm following along and doing it too!  Read along and get to learn a little bit more about me! :) FOUR NICKNAMES: 1. Kele, Kel or Kelz - if you've known me all my life you get to call me these...

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Week 26 Bumpdate
Size of the Baby: Eggplant (9.2 inches, 2 pounds) (according to the What to Expect app) Total Weight Gain: 16
pounds. I knew it was coming, good Lord! Gained 4 pounds in two weeks. It happens. Lets just leave it at that. Gender: Girl ( click here ) Nicknam...

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A Few Things
Welp.  It's been a minute, no?  Literally the time is flying by and I wish it would just slow down for a second, but I don't think that's happening any time soon.  I'm really thinking it'll happen when baby her debut, but I'm sure my maternity will go up in...

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Week 24 Bumpdate
No bump picture!  We completely slacked on taking any bump pictures this week and when I went to do it this morning in my bathroom... well let's just say selfie bumps are not the business for me.  I'm not that cool! Buttttttt since I'm going to be a mom soo...

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Tuesday Thoughts
  +Having headaches while you’re pregnant are NOT FUN.   I’m not a big medicine taker, but the fact
that I really shouldn’t if I can hold off – is just salt to the wound.   Usually I think it’s because I haven’t had
enough plain water, but even that isn’t h...

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Happy Weekend!
Happy Weekend!   It’s
extra happy for me because I took Monday off as well.   We don’t have too much planned.   While my hunny is at work on Saturday, I have
a pre-natal checkup in the morning and will probably catch up on my TV shows in
the afternoon (Grey...
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