Google Plus Photowalk in NYC
September 1st at 6pm Eastern
meet at the fountain in Washington Square Park

+Thomas Hawk will also be having an event on the same day at UC Berkeley at 6pm Pacific. This is our Bicoastal G+ Photowalk.

+Vivienne Gucwa
+John Fraissinet
+kora foto morgana
+Christoph Ruthrof
+Angel Figueroa
+Dave Ortiz
+Antonio Gonzalez
+Mark Garbowski
+Jose Vazquez
+Bonnie Natko
+Ashish Caleb Gattegno
+B.C. Lorio
+Chris Gachot
+Beth Kotkin
+Sergio Fernandes
+Mohamed Aboshihata
+Barry Yanowitz
+Dave Krugman
+Doug Kaye
+Gowtham Narisipalli

+Michael Martin
+Nichole McCall
+Brian Furbush
+Oliver Bouchard
+Elke Nominikat
+Diane Barrasso
+s. kent holliday
+Eugene Weinstein
+Ronald Boadi
+Dave Macintosh
+Ramesh Prabhu
+ashley west leonard
+Mark Kalan
+Gregory Rawrysz
+David Greenberg
+Chris Robins

I am going to close the 2 other threads for this event. Any others who would like to attend? Please add your comment below if you're game. It is certain to be fun and a great opportunity to meet other G+ photogs!
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