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DiscGolf Lite/Pro Android application updates
DiscGolf Lite/Pro Android application updates

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It's been a while since our last update. In this time DG5 and our DG Wear app has been released (and updated).

DG5 was a major update to make the app GUI quicker and better in many ways. We've decided to lat all reasenotes for this remain on Google Play where people can find them.

The wear app was developed as a part of a hackaton for Android Wear. We decided to make this a free app for all to use, but please support us and upgrade DG Lite of buy DG Pro so we can continue developing and mainting the apps.

We hope you enjoy the new releases and keep on playing. As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements you can email us.

Have a great New Year!

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DG4 is now generally avalable on Play:
* New map system
* Updated statistics pages with cleaner diagrams
* Skip holes and finish games early
* New in-app-help system
And a lot more...

I was almost done and ready to release DG 3.0 when I thought that adding Player pictures would be nice to have. So a week later here we are and ready to go. DiscGolf 3.0 is now being release in small stages. See if you are one of the lucky ones to get it first :)

BIG CHANGE EVERYONE: Subscriptions are replaced with a one time purchase (at a much lower price). If you already have a subscription it will still work, but you should switch over to the simple the upgrade instead to save some money.

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It's been a cold but relatively short winter here in Sweden. I've been working on yet another major update of DiscGolf which I think should be almost done. This will mostly be a facelift for DiscGolf, but there are a few new features and changes as well.

2014 is going to be a great Discgolf year!

V2.4 has just been released. We've added support for our new DiscGolf Scorekeeper SmartWatch app which can be used by all DiscGolf Lite/Pro players :)

Last night we started releasing DG v2.3. This is a major release adding the ability for all players to save disc locations when playing games. We also managed to update maps, fix a few bugs and add some more neat stuff for you to play around with. Enjoy!

v2.2.4 ready for launch. This should fix the app crashes I hope and courses now have directions :)
There where also a few minor bugs which have been taken care of.

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v2.2.1 Minor bugfixes

Just a quick update to fix some minor bugs:

BUGFIX! Show "Go Pro" option in DG Lite menu again
BUGFIX! Don't prompt that feature is only available in pro when opening menu
Don't prompt Lite users to set account anymore (feature only available to pro and subscribing users)
NEW! Icon graphics in menu

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It was raining outside today so instead I decided to stay indoors coding. I figured it was time to make another release. There are a few things I'm working on which didn't make it into this release but there is plenty for a release anyway. The new version should be available on Play soon, so I hope you'll enjoy it!

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 v2.1/v2.1.1 Player statistics, new map, different game types
It hasn't been long since our latest relase but we've managed to put together some amazing updates:

PRO FEATURE Advanced Player Statistics
PRO FEATURE New game types: MatchPlay, BogeyPlay and original StrokePlay
UPDATE: Completely new Map view (zoom, tilt, rotate)
UPDATE: Winners are highlighted in games list
UPDATE: Replaced popup dialogues to promote subscriptions with text messages
UPDATE: Ads will slide in slowly from bottom
UPDATE: New graphics
UPDATE: Added menu options to all screens
BUGFIX! Several bugfixes
And more...

We think this is one of our most important updates yet and we'd love to get your feedback. Please send us an email and let us know if there is anything else you'd like to see in our app.
Keep on playing!
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