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Bob Brinkman
I *am* the Pirate King!
I *am* the Pirate King!

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Hey folks,
With my upcoming Cyborg Commando games at Gary Con (and beyond), I was wondering if there was anyone out there able and willing to put together an alternate character sheet for the game. As you can see, the sheet is so simple that it really looks as though it could almost be a half sheet instead of a full sheet, but anything would be nicer. The game is great, the character sheets are a challenged.

While the character sheet isn't vital to the game (or to proving my point that CC is actually a pretty solid and enjoyable game), it would be nice not to have a first impression based on such a clunky character sheet.

Anyone willing to volunteer, please drop me a line. 

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It is shortly after the Witching Hour....somewhere.

The latest episode of the Sanctum Secorum brims with information and answers so many questions.

Who is the new Keeper of Mysteries?
Who are the contest winners?
When will the Companion release (soon - technical difficulties)

All this and an in-depth look at Jack Vance's Dying Earth in a special, hour-long episode!

GallowWalkers, looks to be an interesting weird Western

Leatherbound #144 safely in Florida

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Saw a great deal on a wizard cover if anyone is looking for one...

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I really do love our show and enjoy doing it. The reading, the writing, the recording, the editing (okay...maybe not the editing so much...)

"The chimes of midnight are interrupted by a throaty, wild call. Tarzan of the Apes, that legendary creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs, is being discussed on the latest episode of Sanctum Secorum."

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Hey folks, Josh owns our local FLGS and is pretty much family. That his sister is so ill and unable to afford proper care is horrific. If you can spare anything, even $1-$5? It makes a difference, and a slew of folks making small donations is not just a boost towards her healthcare goal, but also a shot in the arm as to morale because people care enough to help spread the word. Seriously, read her story and I'm betting you will be moved to help in some way...

For those in the market, there is a black cover, gold foil, 1st printing up on eBay (not mine) for about $150

As a reminder - Entries are due by 12:01am EST on December 28th.


The Sanctum Secorum will be celebrating the new year with a discussion of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and pairing that with the Treasure Vaults of Zadabad. So, in order to kick off 2017 with the bang it deserves we are holding our first ever contest.

The Keepers of Mysteries will be giving away a copy of the featured adventure (a great bit of work by our friends over at Stormlord Publishing). To enter, all you need to do is submit a piece of Tarzan/Jungle related content for the Sanctum Secorum companion zine. We will choose on submission at random to win our prize (and there may be other Appendix N-ish goodies in the pot if we get enough entries - so submit often). Entries are due by 12:01am EST on December 28th.

The "legalese" is pretty simple. By submitting an entry you grant Sanctum Media non-exclusive rights to print your submission (in other words, we can publish it, but so too can anyone else you choose) while retaining all of your own copyrights. One or more entries will be selected at random to receive a prize (Treasure Vaults of Zadabad is guaranteed to be awarded).

Send your submissions (monsters, items, patrons, art, NPCs, etc) to TheHub@Sanctum.Media

Enter early, enter often!

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The Sanctum Secorum Appendix N/DCC RPG podcast releases a free companion zine with every episode (plus a holiday special). All free, all non-watermarked PDF.

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