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I *am* the Pirate King!
I *am* the Pirate King!


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The Doors of the forbidding library slowly creak open, revealing the darkness within. Join the Keepers of Mysteries in their last episode before the Gen Con Break and they delve into Maker of Universes.

Wow....what a weekend.

My stated goal for the weekend was to sell our FLGS our of MCC books (3) and sell them out of MCC and Impact Dice (we'll call that goal... "lofty"). While I didn't succeed at

Saturday at noon I ran Hive of the Overmind. All but one player showed up with their own copies of the book in hand. So much for THAT plan...but fun and mayhem began. 20 0-levels went out on their right of passage, and then the deaths began. By the finish, 7 remained - staring into the further darkness beneath the hive - steeling themselves for the threat beyond (we ran out of time). Folks had a blast and were swagged mightily.

Cleaning the detritus and the dead I quickly set up for my 4pm session, Man-Bait for the Soul Stealer. I had a number of familiar faces there, including a father and son who played in my first session, and another father and son who had just come from the full-terrain MCC game that was being run by the amazing Nick Thomas (simply awe inspiring set-up), who had taken part in last year's Transylvanian TPK. Joining us was +Gord Cranford who, in his first DCC game ever, played a wizard, who's patron was Sezrekon, out to save a daughter of Sezrekon, who found a shield emblazoned with the Star of Sezrekon. It was rough going but the party managed to succeed in their quest. Might swag was given...

My final session of the night was a more intimate game of Skull & Crossbones Classics. Competing with the powerhouse that is +Troy Tucker is no easy feat (his players had so much fun, I envy his players always when I cannot be in his game)....but what a great session it was. Sea monsters, storms, shipwrecks, a mysterious island...the adventure went from the Sea Hawk, to Castaway, to Assault on Precinct 19 in what will probably stand out as one of my favorite sessions of judging ever. Small games can be difficult, but having two players so totally invested as they were made for a gripping session filled with actual pathos and drama. There was the final swagging of the night and off home to......fall asleep by 3:30 or so.


Did anyone get the name of that Leviathan? Groaning, I rolled from my bed, got ready and Jen and I made our way to the store. 12 hours of standing in one place without moving shouldn't cause so much....pain.

My noon session was, once again, Hive of the Overmind. Father's Day made for a smaller turn out so +Jen Brinkman hopped into my game (always good to have a ringer and we were off. Jen was the only person who had played MCC, most were familiar with DCC and one was brand new to the systems, an old school gamer new to the area. It was a Blast....

Literally, we ended with a near TPK when a botched artifact check caused a gauser rifle to explode. We did a "fade to white" and ended with 3 out of 28 0-levels remaining.

Turnout being low, Jen took the players for round two while my energy started to wane. 4 of us GMs had nothing going on and so we commandeered a table and played the Free RPG Day Starfinder adventure...we had a blast. Put four seasoned GMs around a table, one of whom really has a passion for the system, hand out PCs modeled on Stitch, and let mayhem ensue. I then swagged all of the other GMs when we finished (I swear to god it became reflex).

With the smaller turnout the store closed at 10pm rather than midnight, so we spent the last two hours chatting, converting players, and having a great ol' time. I'm still tired and achy (I've no idea how I manage to survive Gary Con year after year when Free RPG Day Weekend nearly finished me) but I regret NOTHING!!

We may still have one or two of the 2017 zine's to put into the >}PRize Closet of Mystery{< and we will have copies of the 2018 to bring up to Gen Con to hand out to folks is good.

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Yup, still exhausted after some shut eye. Time to get caffeinated and prep for round two.

In the meantime, I remembered to grab some photos during my first game.
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Exhausted... and doing it again tomorrow!!

50 copies of the zine and a MASSIVE box full of swag (including a few copies of last year's zine)... I think +Jen Brinkman and I are about set.

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Hey folks, if you could take a look at the list on the Sanctum page and confirm that we have the right information? In many cases we only have Adventure TBA and Time TBA and I'd love to nail down as many of those as possible.

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We currently have 16 stores, across 14 States, hoping to find volunteers to run DCC for Free RPG Day. Which among you wants to be a being "no hero"?

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The Keepers of Mysteries have been busy on a number of fronts. Free RPG Day prep may have been keeping us busy, but not so busy that the library should remain closed. The doors once again open on a new episode....

Well, I'll be finalizing the poster in the morning to catch any last minute info before making it available for download and printing. We're at 107 on our venue count, which is AMAZING!

For those wondering, if you want to have the poster printed out, it is 11"x17" (ledger-size) and Staples can print it for between 0.67-$2 depending on your paper choice. :)
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