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Are you more the DYI type or 'I want a Site Keeper for sure' type? ;)

Hoje em dia com tantos 'Criadores de Sites' se é para investir num Site Empresarial há que ponderar bem se temos tempo para o fazer ou se poupamos mais em deixar fazer quem sabe! 

#sites   #sitekeepers   #anacristinaleitao   #paginasamarelas  
Quer criar um website para a sua empresa? Descubra os factores-chave que devem determinar a sua escolha na altura da construção do seu site!

#websites   #mktdigital   #empresas  

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Para preparar a estratégia de #Facebook2015   há que olhar para trás: O que mudou no Facebook em 2014?

#facebookchanges   #redessociais   #anacristinaleitao  
Para melhor preparar a estratégia da sua empresa para o novo ano, na maior rede social, saiba quais foram as 12 Principais Mudanças no Facebook em 2014.

#Facebook #RedesSociais

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From +Marketing Land with some useful insights as usual - Look back to think ahead! #marketing2015  

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What if each social media network was a meal?

More copywriting on Yellow Pages Blog, this time on differences between top social media! In Portuguese!   #redessociais   #socialmediatips   #socialmediaforbusiness  

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Mais erros a evitar em Google AdWords: desta vez Baixo Quality Score!

Último artigo escrito no Blog +Páginas Amarelas . Stay tuned for more!

#adwordstips   #qualityscore   #landingpages  
Erro #4 a evitar no Google AdWords – Baixo Quality Score

Veja como os anúncios de Qualidade levam a Preços mais baixos e a melhor posições no Google!

#qualityscore #adwordstips #googleadwords

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Keyword relevance building is changing:  Google is drawing connections between concepts and Brands

We may not be 'content factories' or 'big brands', but we sure have to try and  emulate their behavior for SEO sake, and review our best practices.

+Rand Fishkin from +Moz is totally right as usual!

Semantic search keeps on going up the scale so it's time to work harder on associations that make our content even more relevant to the user.


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Super! If Google was a Guy! 
If Google Was A Guy - Part 3
Here are a few lines from this episode, what is your favorite?
Electric outlets looked surprised why?
Baby Powder made out of babies?
Big booty puerto rican goddess
taxes have to pay why
Siri how big is the serengeti, show me picture of spaghetti. 
Search for asdkfhasdk no results .. Meow!
Whats a surf boart?
Do dead people pay taxes? oh?
google,, website
and much more.

#sundayfunday  from +CollegeHumor +Brian Huskey 
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