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People with Down's Syndrome are PEOPLE, first and foremost.

Forcing them in nursing homes against their will is shameful.

Please do as I did and sign the petition.

"With the stroke of a pen, my disabled sister's human right to decide where she lives was wrongly taken away. 

In a heart-breaking move, Teresa who has Down syndrome, was forced against her will into an old-age nursing home, by the Toronto Central CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) and two of my siblings. Four days later, she was rescued by my 91-year old father who was "adamant" he did not want his daughter living in a nursing home. But then the nursing home called the police, in a shockingly callous and bizarre effort to force her back. 

Teresa is demanding an apology from these two institutions, the CCAC and the Rekai Centre. This is a sorry mess. Her records show that the crisis list was manipulated to get Teresa to the very top, and placed in the nursing home. Her profile contained false information which made her appear to need 24/7 care."

+Jonathan Behis +Erin S +Diane Tennant +Paul Gullo +Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund +Disabled World
#disabilities #disabilityrights #downssyndtome #disability #toronto #onpoli #cdnpoli

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Kimberly Crawley

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If you think buying a house is a great investment, you're a fool.
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I admit, +kienan vella, I'm biased by my resentment toward Frances Buchalter (born Frances Cassar) and my severe distaste for her "you can judge the value of a person by how much money they make and how big their house is" worldview.
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<sarcasm> Thanks +Dove, from +Unilever, the makers of Axe body spray ("Use our product and women everywhere will spread their legs WIDE OPEN for YOU!"), for being the one and only reason why I FEEL BEAUTIFUL! </sarcasm>

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LMAO that was pretty good.
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Antisemitic fuckheads should always get what they deserve.

I know probably most Missourians and Kansans are NOT antisemitic, but the amount of antisemitism I hear coming from that area concerns me a great deal.

I think it's easier for me to be a left leaning Torontonian under Rob Ford than it is to be a Jewish rights supporter in Kansas and Missouri.

Especially, my heart goes out to the victims of the Kansas shooting, and to all Jews in that state.

#antisemitism #jews #kansas #missouri
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I believe that Jewish people have it great in America. All that they have to contend with is an occasional knucklehead. The knucklehead is always dealt with.
Jews are safer and probably face less discrimination here than they do in Israel
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Terry Richardson is scum.

I boycott the magazines he works for (Vogue, GQ, and the list goes on...) and I boycott the brands he shoots ad campaigns for.

Mikey Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and other celebrities ought to open their eyes to how Terry abuses young models!

#vogue #gq #mileycyrus #ladygaga #lindsaylohan #jaredleto #beyonce #terryrichardson #fashion #photography #photographers #models #sexualabuse #rape #sexualassault
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McDonald's... McHeartless and McPriceless!

This video is a must watch... Sign the petition!

#mcdonalds #workersrights #minimumwage #livingwage #wagetheft
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Thanks Kimberly. 
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Please do as I did and sign the petition!

"Money might not grow on trees, but apparently it can grow on students' backs. 

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office reports that the federal government stands to make $127 million dollars -- in profit! -- off of student loans over the next decade. 

Student borrowers aren't ATMs. The Department Of Education shouldn't be raking in profit when there's over $1 trillion dollars in student debt nation-wide.

While recent graduates struggle in our post-recession economy, delaying life milestones like buying a home or a car, the Department Of Education treats student loan payments as a dedicated revenue stream.

They could provide debt relief by lowering interest rates for student borrowers, or re-investing in higher education to help curb rising tuition costs. Instead, the Department Of Education is using students' backs to balance their budget."  

#studentdebt #highereducation #university #college #poverty #greed #education
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Thanks +Paresh Desai.
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I'm so glad to hear from a parent of an autistic kid who isn't fooled by all that Jenny McCarthy/Autism Speaks bullshit.

"I get the issue. There's no medical baseline for autism, no known cause or cure. It's the Wild West of disabilities, a freewheeling haven for:

Snake oil peddlers hawking dubious miracle cures.

Celebrity wackos championing disproven links between autism and vaccines.

Complicit fundraising organizations given to unprincipled shilling on the backs of those they claim to represent.

Everyone’s an expert, and nobody knows anything.

But if you stick to reputable sources, there’s reliable information that indicates:

The escalating diagnosis numbers — up 120 per cent from 2002 — are most likely due to better screening tools, not some creeping environmental boogeyman.

Autism encompasses a spectrum wider than the Grand Canyon. Yes, there are those who struggle at the low end. But many autistic adults are smart, capable thinkers who — given the proper supports — can excel.

Autistic people don't need your pity. What they need is to not be stigmatized as social lepers and burdens on society."

+Autistic Self Advocacy Network +Neurodiversity

#neurodiversity #autism #aspergers #autisticrights #disabilityrights
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Strange thing is, the more I learn about how my severely autistic kid's behaviors are "not normal".... I start learning that the way I perceive many things is also considered "not normal" .... especially the whole empathy thing. I thought I was just very practical and analytical.
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“This weeks special? Laying off Canadian employees and scamming the foreign worker program ... replacing Canadians with foreign workers,” scoffed Tim Southernwood of Edmonton.

“I hope you guys are happy! You just bought yourselves a million dollars worth of bad advertising!”

Wow, it's my G+ buddy, +Tim Southernwood!

Yeah, folks... Boycott Brothers Pizza in Saskatchewan.

They fire long time (one worked there for 28 years) Canadian workers and replace them with ultra cheap temporary foreign workers.

Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney made it possible. For shame!

+Stephen Harper +Jason Kenney +Conservative Party - Parti conservateur
#stephenharper #jasonkenney #conservatives #cdnpoli #temporaryforeignworkers #tfw #employment #poverty #jobs #saskatchewan 
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Thanks Shannon!
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Lululemon: For morons with more money than compassion and sense.

"Atlas Shrugged, Alexis goes on to explain, is a story about a horrible world where the bad government has too much control, and that leads to mediocrity. And that might sound far-fetched, but thing is, we all accept mediocrity in our daily lives! So, basically, 'Who is John Galt?' is on their bags to remind their customers to strive for greatness and never accept mediocrity. (Unless, of course, we’re talking about accepting the massive dive in quality that I noticed when Lululemon stopped making their clothing in Canada.)

Because $100 yoga pants that are going to pill after one wash = greatness.

Now, I have been known to enjoy the occasional piece of Lululemon clothing. I work in the fitness industry, after all, so lulu-wearing is a bit of an inevitability. But I just can’t abide by this. As long as any words from that scourge on political theory and literature remain on Lululemon’s bags, I will stay the fuck out of their store."

#lululemon #cult #cults #politics
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I like "atlas shrugged" but it's fiction.  the parts i like its alternate universe a la "fringe" where things are only a slightly different.  

the heroic leaders of their own companies are one dimensional.  they have the internal struggles of a dime stop romance.   they don't waffle and hesitate, they don't have outside help except for other one dimensional capitalistic "heroes" , and, when they're successful, they don't do what our CEOS/owners do  and venture into other businesses they know nothing about (i.e., buy a sport team or many sports teams).   they're perfect!

the most ludicrous thing in the book is big gov't being able to nationalize things.  they'll argue and fight and before you know it, nothing will get done.   didn't ayn rand know that the gov't moves like a turtle most of the time?
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Have her in circles
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