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"Keeping ex-offenders out of the workforce is a guarantee of a high recidivism rate. That's something Nebraska can't afford.  A report released last month found the state's prisons are collectively at 154 percent of maximum capacity and admissions are at their highest in 10 years."

Congratulations to Nebraska for this surprisingly progressive legislation!

Former convicts who can't find work and fall into poverty are a lot more likely to end up back in prison.
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Good points, not to mention that there are precious few jobs overall, and those that exist are mostly subsistence level grunt work at that.  Enjoy.
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Why oh why is India more progressive about transgender rights than Canada and most of Europe?

Anyway, congratulations to India for recognizing third gender as an option for governmental documentation and ID!

But I hope transmen can identify as male, and transwomen can identify as female. That would leave "third gender" for people who identify neither as male nor female.

Sadly, I think "third gender" is their category for all non-cis people.

But it's a start!

#lgbt #lgbtq #transgender #thirdgender #genderqueer #mtf #ftm #india
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Me too, but I'll bet a lot of them don't want to be a "third gender". That's its own ghetto, you know, or at least it can be.
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"In 2013, Walmart received about $6.2 billion in federal taxpayer subsidies because its employee wages are so low.

Many employees, in turn, are forced to rely on healthcare, food stamps and other taxpayer-funded programs.

The corporation then further evaded $1 billion through tax breaks and loopholes. The Walton family, in addition, avoided about $607 million of taxes on their Walmart dividends."

#walmart #workersrights #livingwage #minimumwage #poverty #economy #employment #jobs
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That's what happens when ginormous becomes even more so. Walmart just burns through employees and dictates low wages because they can. Sol'n: unionize or work elsewhere.
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When people like me share information with the world about how to better secure your computers and your internet use, we aren't just making stuff up to sound important.

Read about what this guy did when he mocked our warnings about Heartbleed and password security.

It's funny and very sad...

It's kind of like if a firefighter warned me about flammables and flames, and I poured a bottle of kerosene over my head and lit a match... Just to spite him!

Ha, ha, Mr. Firefighter, you're stupid!

Yowch! Aaaaaah! Help me, help me, help me!

+InfoSec Institute +Sean Rooney
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What an idiot.
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Isn't this normally an NFL player's area of expertise?
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I signed the pledge to boycott Koch industry products. Please won't you?

"With every shopping trip, we could be spending our hard-earned money supporting the Koch brothers' radical anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-democratic agenda.

It’s near impossible to list every product that contains a chemical, material or pulp created by Koch industries, or one of its numerous subsidiaries. But when we know which commonly purchased products fill the Koch coffers, then we can avoid buying them and hit the Kochs where it hurts––their bottom line.

Please sign the pledge to not buy commonly available Koch products. You can see the complete list below the signature form."

#koch #kochbrothers #workersrights #environment #poverty #economy
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Thanks, +Paresh Desai.
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Slavery is alive and well in America in 2014.

It exists in Scientology's Sea Org.

This shocking video is a must watch.

#scientology #seaorg #abuse
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"The Centers for Disease Control reported on May 3, 2013 that the suicide rate among Americans age 35-64 years increased 28.4 percent between 1999-2010.

The Lancet estimates that the three-year recessionary period from 2008 thru 2010 was a source in the United States for '4,750 excess suicide deaths.' But how much has the American public heard from psychiatry that suicide and depression are related to a crappy economy and societal misery?"

#psychiatry #drugs #poverty #economy
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Ditto, +Dalt Wisney.
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Kimberly Crawley

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Yeah, Bob Ross IS awesome.

Enjoy the happy little music with the happy little lyrics and the happy little clouds and trees...

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