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5 restaurants I think its worth driving to from Manchester. What's your top 5?!?!

The Pit Smokehouse,, Culcheth, Warrington
Went here recently, incredible food. Really trendy place and the size of the Meals are massive!

Altrincham Market House, Altrincham
This is a cheat really, as this place had lots of different restaurants you can eat from and shared tables... So you and your mates can order different food and still eat together!

The Bird at Birtle, Heywood.
This is owned by a top chef, and the food is really high quality. Almost mitchenlin.

The Metropolitan, Didsbury
One of my favorites for date night. Really big place, bar food area and a proper sit down restaurant at the back. Again food is top notch and really trendy atmosphere.

The Clink, HMP Styal prisen
Not ment to say much about this on social media. But it's run by the in mates... and i would highly recommend a visit. 
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Manchester could get an underground tube system in 10 years..

This would be the greatest thing to happen to Manchester ever...

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Oldham gets free parking. - all day. Next to Mumps tram stop.
Now you would not think this is worthy of a post. However I think Oldham needs a bit of publicity. Recently renovated town centre. Some great restaurants. And the brand new cinima is only £5 per person!!!!!
It's a good start from Oldham council.

Infact you can park for 3 hours for free in all of these places:
Civic Centre
Waterloo Street
Southgate Street
Bow Street
Bradshaw Street
Oldham Sports Centre car park (Rock Street)
Tommyfield (No Return Within 3 Hours)
Clegg Street (No Return Within 3 Hours)
New Radcliffe Street

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Good news for Manchester city centre!
I personally think the best burgers in town!! (Feel free to correct me!)
The sad news for me tho is my office is moving to oldham! So I won't be arround to enjoy it!! 
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I went to Reds True BBQ this week. And I honestly it was one of the best meals and experiences I've had in a restaurant in a while.

Got an great platter of meat! And it all tasted great.
Better still my kid got a fab meal for a £5! Starter & main & drink.
We got a balloon for him 2.

You see why I say all this is I went to another posh restaurant last week, which was fine but no where nearly the quality of service.

Reds. It's top. 
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So I took my parents and my 1 year old to Manchester science and industry Musium today and I left a little disappointed.

Aeroplane area - which in my opinion is the best bit. But I'm told they are closing this.
Power house - great fun, but so cold in winter. So sadly no steam systems were working today.
Station house - closed for renovations
Electrical area - closed for renovations
Grass area - closed for renovations
1830 Warehouse - one small exhibition (not the best) with 3 empty floors will be closed soon for renovations.
Great warehouse - just a small amount of things to see. (One toddler friendly area)
Cafe - was good! But no where nearly enough seating.
Ps loads of places for indoor picking.

See what I mean? Seems they are going to be doing lots of renovations over the next year... Let's hope so. Because it's truly needed....

O and lastly... Does anyone think that TV screen thing looks like the bad guy in the game portal!

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After our photo walk on Sunday it got me thinking about how many street arts are actually around Ancoats, and what they were all about?
Ever Wondered?

I have uploaded all the Photos I've taken so far. There are quite a few.

More Info:
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Wonder what they will have us all doing?!?
As our program grows, we are seeing passionate explorers come together to share their experiences on +Google Maps. To help our communities worldwide give back in real life, join us for the 1st #LocalGuides Volunteer Day.

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#MCRLocalGuides the guys in the walk... #YouMissedOut :-)

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#MCRLocalGuides photo walk 
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