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iran, hamedan
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Saleh Souzanchi

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بهترین حالت هینتینگ فونت یکان با کمترین حجم ممکن تا اکنون 17 کیلوبایت
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Saleh Souzanchi

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Yo, One Point Oh!

'Allo 'Allo! Today, Yeoman 1.0 Release Candidate 1 has been released!

Since the 1.0 Beta emerged over four months ago, we have received a lot of feedback about how Yeoman has been integrated into your workflow.

One of the most important missions of the Yeoman project is helping you learn your craft. When you use Yeoman, you will be given a baseline application which incorporates various NPM modules, Grunt plugins, and Bower libraries that the community-- not just the Yeoman team-- deems best. Combined, these comprise the tools you need to create and maintain a production-ready application.

To see what’s changed, upgrade with a simple command:

$ npm uninstall -g yo && npm install -g yo

Or, if you’re just getting started with Yeoman, use NPM to globally install yo:

$ npm install -g yo

The additional Grunt and Bower dependencies will now be installed for you automatically.

When you're ready to create an application, you'll need to install a "generator". You can think of a generator like a "plug-in". They are full of prompts and templates unique to the type of application you wish to create. There are over 100 generators already available on NPM.

The Yeoman team, with the help of the community, has just released updates to several of the most commonly used generators.

* Webapp -
* Angular -
* Backbone -
* Ember -

Sometimes, you don't need to create an entire application. There are also shiny new generators for:

* Gruntfiles -
* Grunt Plug-Ins -
* CommonJS Modules -
* Node Modules -
* jQuery Plug-Ins -

To install and use a basic web app generator, for example:

$ npm install -g generator-webapp
$ yo webapp

If you need suggestions for generators, say “yo” to the man, himself. No, really. You can summon his attention by simply saying:

$ yo

In addition to searching NPM for generators, he will help keep your installed generators up to date, and even initialize a new application for you.

Exactly one year ago, the world was first introduced to Yeoman. The last 52 weeks have been filled with bug fixes, performance tweaks, community discussions, and countless late nights. The tireless work of our team has been leading up to this announcement, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Keep in mind that this is a Release Candidate, so you might see a bug or two. If you do run into issues or have any questions, the team is always available to help. Visit to help point you in the right direction-- or just snap your fingers and Yeoman himself will be at your side with a fresh cup of tea!

Wait, that's a Yeoman 2.0 feature we're kicking around. Pull requests welcome!

Happy app'n,

+Paul Irish 
+Addy Osmani 
+Sindre Sorhus 
+Pascal Hartig 
+Stephen Sawchuk 
+Brian Ford 
+Frederick ROS 
and the Yeoman Community.

Saleh Souzanchi

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Saleh Souzanchi's profile photoحامد زارعی's profile photo
نه والا، از این پلاگین دو جور دیگه هست. اما اونی که مد نظرم هست نیست.
کلا من دنبال آلگریتمش هستم. واسه اینکه بدونی چی می خوام پرتال های سازمانی رو در نظر بگیر. قالبش و چیدمانش رو به صورت یک ماتریکس در نظر بگیر. حالا باید طبق اون ماتریک قالب بسازه یک همچین چیزی :دی
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Saleh Souzanchi

بررسی مشکلات  - 
در فونت هایی که اصلاح شدند، عده از دوستان درخواست داشتن که اعداد از فارسی به انگلیسی تغییر پیدا کند. گویا در موبایل مشکلاتی ایجاد می کند. نظر شما چیست؟
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ترکیب نوشته فارسی با اعداد انگلیسی اصلا ترکیب جالبی نیست و به نوعی بیننده رو سردرگم می کنه.
باید این مشکل رو به نوعی حل کرد و یا یک نگارش دیگه از فونت ها ایجاد کرد که اونهم مطمئنا زیاد برای طراحان وب جالب نمیشه!
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Saleh Souzanchi

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تایپوگرافی و فونت فارسی
فونت فارسی , persian fonts, persian typography,تایپوگرافی‎
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Saleh Souzanchi

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Saleh Souzanchi

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The AjaxHelper with jQuery utilizes the ever-popular jQuery and jQuery UI libraries for Ajax operations and client side effects.

نصب کیک پی اچ پی cakephp در اوبونتو ubuntu - سیب ترش

نصب کیک پی اچ پی cakephp در اوبونتو ubuntu. Jun 21. cakephp, php, ubuntu. می خواهیم با هم فریم ورک محبوب کیک پی اچ پی رو در سیستم عامل محبوب