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Stephen Calhoun

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Article quotes S.B. Rowbotham:

"“Let the practise of theorising be abandoned as one oppressive to the reasoning powers, fatal to the full development of truth, and, in every sense, inimical to the solid progress of sound philosophy.”

The creationist trolling on various blogs has been impressive and amusing in the way hideous ignorance expressed without, really, much guile, is entertaining.
From "Cosmos" to evidence of Big Bang, it's been a tricky time for biblical literalists. Here's why it'll get worse
Debriefing The Good Wife

Robert & Michelle King:

I didn't find the character very appealing, but, I didn;t want to punish him!
I really did not want to grade this episode. I have to put a grade up in that box, and I can defend why I made that choice, but this episode is an example of one of the ways that weekly reviews can sometimes fail us—this 39-minute snapshot of The Good Wife doesn’t really invite grading. Someone died
I'm using Soundcloud to poke up works-in-progress, outtakes, and experiments. The finished goods go to

In recent months I've been using Gestrument, Alchemy, and Gestrument as the controller for Alchemy on the iPad.

Slow music; #ambient; #experimental #IOS #iPad
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Wow, thank you for sharing.  Very well done.

EP: Apparently, There's More

experimental ambient continuous mix taken from new record 

Easy to embed if you want to show off your embedding skills and my musical labor of love!


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happy musical new year!

Stephen Calhoun

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Happy new year - and have a great year everyday creating your art. I know I will.

I will be floating some year end links to my own work from last year. A big hat tip goes out to the #IOS #Audio #iPad  music-making community.

This especially means hat's off to the two go-to documentarians and artists of the scene +Tim Webb +Ashley Elsdon for Discchord and Palmsounds.

I will continue to be working in +Gestrument, Scape, Alchemy and Mixtikl -- with more pedal and lap steel and Absynth in the future. Stay tuned if you so wish:

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” 
― Lao Tzu
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Happy New Year!
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Old step bro licking younger step bro. #caturday

Stephen Calhoun

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Concise history and of course humorous too.
When a major discovery confirmed the Big Bang this week, some evangelicals ignored it, while others claimed it’s already in the Bible. But the theory’s Catholic history suggests there’s a better way to look at it.
I am curating in a very deliberate manner the field of Experiential learning using to capture compelling content.


Stephen Calhoun

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New full length dark ambient and experimental shocker! 

Sonics via +Gestrument. Recorded from #iPad to Logic

Feel completely free to:

download especially lossless - Free!
propose collaborations

my twitter:@kamelmauz

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Have him in circles
2,504 people
Designer/Facilitator of Adult Experiential Learning; Researcher focused on Serendipity in Adult Development
  • Noguts Noglory Studios
    Artist/Producer, 1995 - present
    Sonic explorer; sound designer, composer, improvisor; focused on ambient and soundscape using synthesizers, steel guitars, field recordings, stuff around the house Visual Artist; entirely computer-based; focused on generative and procedural visual experiments
  • squareONE experiential toolmakers
    lead designer, 1996 - present
    Designer, Facilitator, Researcher on experiential learning
  • Catalyst Consulting Group
    manager, client services, 2003 - 2013
  • Lakewood Ohio Public Library
    assistant manager, technology, 2005 - 2006
    held anthropology portfolio as part of the Lakewood Visionary Alignment; designed and facilitated programs, experiential learning in the library, and, in imaginal musicology
  • AUM Markeing
    principal, 1988 - 1995
    Marketing and Strategic Development focused on artist development in the music business; associations with Ekapa/RPM (1988-1990 NYC) and Wayward Works (1992-1996 LA)
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