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Yoga Author, Practitioner, Teacher

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I had a slight fight over something not that important with James Altucher​ three weeks  ago, 

I was devastated, but I realized it was like a "fork-on-the-road type of moment".

We could either take a break  as a couple, not something I would like and neither would him because we love each other.

ORRRR we could learn to deepen the relationship, learn to accept as we are , learn who the other person in this relationship really iS -  And this applies to everyone, especially the person who texted us a question for Ask Altucher

No matter how you look at it, having your "needs met" is important for both parties in a romantic relationship for everyone. It is key, it is fundamentl.

James took a completely different point of view during the Ask Altucher Show  which made it all more rounded, lively, deeper...

So we did this Ask Altucher In response to that text  message for Ask Altucher which we co-host...

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This is the class  I teach EVERY FRIDAY at 7 AM EST on it stays on the system for 24 hours and the FOCUS WAS ON TONING... English and Spanish... Check it out...

NEXT Friday 7AM EST on Periscope, the focus will be on WRISTS.

Enjoy the week!

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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I love many things about James Altucher latest book "The Rich Employee" these are three:

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Hi Guys, I can't do the Live Yoga Class On Periscope TODAY 7 AM because root canal has me on a daze (See the photo below). It hurts! But I really wanted to offer SOMETHING. So here it comes:  

Click on this:      

That link takes you to the class from 3 Fridays ago, in Florida.It's Bilingual: Eng/Span, only 30', filled w/ beneficial poses.

I  explain why the poses are good for you and you'll feel great afterwards.  

I will be back next Friday and already have a request from Ash! So the focus will be on "purification" Periscope:@ClaudiaYoga  show less

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People are really struggling in this economy, They feel stuck in their jobs, the feel unmotivated, they don't know what their passion is in life. There is a lot of desperation out there and anger and FEAR.

"The Rich Employee" is now #20 for all books in the world.

This message of "Choosing Yourself" is resonating with people. You can see evidence below in a photo I just took from Amazon where 4 of our books are in the top best sellers.

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On today's episode of Ask Altucher (EPISODE 348):

I asked James: Why were you FORCED to write: "THE RICH EMPLOYEE"?

His answers kept it SO real, and the mindset is so RIGHT ON it leaves you thinking...

This is the book I wish I had 7 years ago when I was an employee.
ANDit's not jut for employees, it is also for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, artists, managers, supervisors.... EVERYONE!

I hope you get as much value out of this 20' podcast as did I.

Enjoy! and if you are employed this is my wish for you: May You Become THE RICH EMPLOYEE!

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Just so you guys know, husband: James Altucher, and Stephen Dubner, the NY-Times Best Selling Author of Freakonomics, launched a NEW PODCAST TODAY.

10/12-minutes long each episode. I listened to all 6 while sipping. 

It's called "Question Of The Day" and is already raising on the I-Tunes charts because is funny, quirkily, entertaining, educating and super well-produced.

If you like it, write a review, it will help them... they worked seriously hard on this one!

Is the stock market crashing? NO! Listen to episode 342 of Ask +James Altucher  and sleep well tonight... Fear not... And may the force be with you
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