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Yogis are very smart people, and they noticed early on, thousands of years ago, that by merely living gravity pulls our organs down...

So, if we invert the body during practice, together with deep breathing, we give the organs a chance to return to their original position (the place where they were before the effects of gravity took over)

Inversions are hard however, so this video MAKES IT EASY.

What I propose here is to invert the top part of the body, using POWERFUL FORWARD BENDS that will ensure the organs of the stomach, and the pelvis floor, get inverted...

Then we lay down and invert the legs.

Why? Because when we do the inversions we get these benefits:

- With daily practice the body gets rejuvenated and the process of aging is slowed considerably - - We feel refreshed and clear after a short session like this (just 10 minutes)

- There is a cooling effect throughout the body, a letting go of tension associated with all of these poses. You will feel more open, receptive and calm

- Inversions clear the lymphatic system, which is the system that carries the "garbage" out of the blood... Problem is, this system works agains gravity, so when you invert the body, even in simple inversions like this, you purify your whole system.

- Digestion gets help, and elimination too

REMEMBER to practice on an empty stomach. Early in the morning is better but before sleep it works too... 
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Claudia Azula Altucher

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Hi!beautiful,fantastic sport Yoga!!Elly 
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Claudia Azula Altucher

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FROM THE CORPORATE WORLD TO A YOGA CAREER - Jessica Blanchard on Episode #8 Of The Yoga Podcast

I met Jessica while daydreaming of leaving the corporate world around 2005/6. She was a resident teacher at Yoga Thailand, a great place in Ko Samui led by Paul and Jutima Dallaghan. I was a stressed out worker who did not enjoy the cubicle life.
But Jessica had been in the corporate world too. And that is what attracted me to read about her, because I thought if she could do it, maybe I could too…

It seems to me Yoga choose Jessica rather than the other way around.Jessica Blanchard
She had a great job in Paris in IT, she travelled all the time, and she was making money.
But a workshop with David Swenson and meeting Pattabhi Jois in London between 2000 and 2002 changed everything.
She could not believe how people would show up early in the morning to “sweat together”, and practice this dynamic form of hatha yoga. And she liked it.
So she started practicing and traveling to Mysore and meeting people and
She joined Yoga Thailand in its early stages as a teacher and by invitation! and met Tiwari who is one of the most serious and advanced practitioners and teachers of pranayama in the world today.
That, meeting Tiwari, is something I envy her for (in a good way of course) because she got to study under direct supervision from him… they still talk on the phone.

Jessica’s life in the corporate world, working for IT and traveling most of the time
How she started getting into yoga slowly
Her workshop with David Swenson clarifies things for her
Her visit to London to take Pattabhi Jois’s tour classes
An Invitation to Teach and “take over for a few months” Yoga Thailand!!! I mean. Wow.
Her yoga sabbatical, and did she fear running out of money?
What is it like to learn directly from Pranayama World Authority Tiwari?
Opening her own studio in 2008 in New Orleans
Getting married and having a baby
The delivery story – It was painful but not as crazy as some videos women get to watch…
How the studio is doing today
What took Jessica a long time to understand.
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It's about remaining calm and centered. Being fully here no matter what curve ball life throws your way.
#altucher #yogagirl #yoga #Jedi #Knight #starwars
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And teach them what is really important: like how to sell something, how to add value to others, how to make new connections. While still following your passion for today
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Have her in circles
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Claudia Azula Altucher

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“A scene from when @jaltucher and I meet almost 6 years ago. From his comic book”
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THE PERFECT RESUME to get any job you want in the 21st CENTURY... Seriously ANY job you want... Episode 255 of Ask Altucher shows you exactly how
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An amazing deal from +*****​ . I'm IN as a subscriber....
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Learn how you can use "THE FORCE" in your life on episode 252 of Ask Altucher
James is so excited that he can hardly handle it... James has used "The Force" to help him solve a major business problem he experienced in one of his earlier companies. He decided not to be angry, and he wasn't going to be scared. He calmed down and trusted that whatever happens, happens. He wasn't going to waste time worrying.Be calm, be honest, and do your best.Regards, David P.S. As you can tell, James is fiercely committed to helping people ...
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Polish version of Choose Yourself has a mirror in the cover. Brilliant! 
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This is EXACTLY how my LIFE CHANGED in the past 6 months because of the IDEA MACHINE
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Have her in circles
2,300 people
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