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Alimony Reform Returns in 2017 as Senate Bill 412 and HB 283

Alimony is a controversial topic in Florida, especially for couples who have divorced or who are considering divorce. But in the past, the issue of child support and time sharing has been intertwined with Alimony and to the detriment of the previous bills. Governor Scott apparently realized, that any language that hints to putting the parents’ needs before the child’s needs may in fact be detrimental to the children of Florida who rely on child support and time sharing with both parents. Find out what has changed in the new proposed bills. #tampafamilylaw #floridalimonyreform

High Conflict Divorces
There are plenty of divorce “horror” stories, such as the one that we’ve linked to below. It happened last month in Florida. This one made the news, and alleges that a man was arrested for torturing his wife over divorce and money.  The article tells a story of a couple divorcing, how assets were handled and then how one spouse resorted to violence, leading to his arrest.

Motion for Contempt & Enforcement Florida Divorce Cases
In Tampa Bay Florida, many times, once a final order in a divorce or family law case is over, parties will inevitably end up back in court on a motion of contempt or enforcement.  For more information or for immediate assistance and consultation, call Tampa divorce attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates at 813-879-4600 or visit us online at or

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Top AVVO Rated Tampa Divorce Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez Jr.has been providing high quality legal services to the people of Tampa, Florida since 1993. Experienced in mediation and litigation in dissolution of marriage cases, high asset divorce cases and matters surrounding Florida Family Law such as child support, child custody, relocation and establishing paternity.  Attorney Sanchez realizes that not all dissolution of marriage cases are alike and require individualized attention to achieve the best results for his clients. To read more about what is required in Florida to file for dissolution of marriage (divorce) read more on our website.

If you need immediate assistance, representation or to schedule a consultation with Top Rated Divorce Lawyer Nilo J Sanchez, contact us today at 813-879-4600.  #divorcelawyertampa

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Remember once the final order for child support or child custody (time sharing) is signed by a Florida family law judge, you must prove that there is a substantial and permanent change in circumstances in order to modify the final judgment. It is therefore important that certain issues are addressed and included in the final order for child support and time sharing. #divorceattorneytampa #childsupportflorida #timesharingflorida

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Tampa Divorce Attorney on Premarital Agreements

For detailed information please call our office at 813-879-4600 visit or continue to our blog post below.

A premarital agreement is a contract between prospective spouses made in contemplation of marriage that becomes effective upon marriage. Attorney Sanchez lists some of the prospective issues in a premarital agreement contract.

#tampadivorceattorney   #premaritalagreements  

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When Florida couples divorce, one of the hardest things for most parents to accept is that they will likely have equal time sharing with the children. This is often very difficult for many parents because now both parents will have to endure the absence of the children during specific times, including weekdays, holidays, school breaks, etc.,  It is crucial to put your emotions aside and work together by developing a parenting plan that is geared toward putting the children first. Tampa child custody lawyer Nilo J Sanchez can help you make this transition as easy as possible for the children and it is beneficial to everyone involved. The courts will generally look favorably upon parents who are striving to maintain the relationship the children have with both parents. #tampachildcustodyattorney #divorceattorneytampa #floridaparentingplan  

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HB943 has one more committee stop before being sent to the House floor for a full vote. The Senate version has not yet been vetted by any committees. This concerns many couples who are either receiving alimony, currently paying alimony, or those who have been avoiding divorce court until the laws change.  Undoubtedly, many Floridian's are anxiously awaiting the next vote. For information or if you need to speak with a Tampa divorce attorney about alimony or alimony modification, visit #tampadivorceattorney   #floridaalimony  

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Regardless of what position you take on alimony reform, what truly matters is how the current laws will effect your current divorce case. Hiring a Tampa divorce lawyer who understands Florida alimony law is crucial to ensuring that you obtain the very best outcome despite the law.
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