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On MODIfying, Developing and Changing INDIA
There was a country, a country of spirited
and adept men, finding itself in the path of recovery from the heavy blows of
imperialistic past, shaking the shackles and chains of misfortune off its limbs, showing promise of redemption and excellence. This coun...

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The so called "Tamil Sentiment"
The entire affair regarding the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE and its aftermath is no simple math to decode and arrive at an answer. Besides even if one can arrive at a conclusion it will not be an easy thing to ponder over...

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Will you marry me - 3
By that standard what was I, a ghost? Now shock overwhelmed me than the amazement I earlier felt.   “I thought you were a mistake…” she
said in a reflective tone after minutes, “I thought what happened between was a
mistake… But … Men are all the same...” I...

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Will you marry me - 2
It‘s odd how it all
started, how my fate, my destiny entangled with hers’.  It started with a bet. We were sitting
under the big neem tree in college : ‘Kutti suvar’ the lecturers used to call, a place restricted for the outcasts, misfits . Classrooms were ...

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Will you marry me?
Before the title of the post plant wrong ideas about what this post might be let me state that this is the title of short story which I wrote some time back. Remember, I referred to a short story and a contest  in my previous post? This is it. I chose the t...

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An insight into the excursion

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Not a movie review, not a analysis but a pure gesture of admiration.To Guna,to the brilliance, to the hero...I mean the script not only Kamal Hassan as it is widely seen.. :D

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