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Iva Moutelikova (Eiva Poppins)
Eiva (24): blogger living in Brighton. Sustainable Fashion. Sewing. Travelling.
Eiva (24): blogger living in Brighton. Sustainable Fashion. Sewing. Travelling.
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RubyMoon Ethical Designer Swimwear Review
USE MY CODE: IVARM17 for 20% OFF HERE :-) I was lucky enough to be approached by an amazing Brighton brand called RubyMoon to review one of their bikinis. I was instantly really excited because this company stands and cares for everything which is close to ...

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Paris In The Rain
I went to Paris for a long weekend to visit my sister (I have two) who is currently living there. She actually lives just outside the city in a town called Meudon and I enjoyed seeing that as well as seeing Paris maybe even more. The first and last time I w...

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Brows, bubble and BrowMobile by Benefit in Brighton
Thank you, Benefit ,
for inviting me to your first ever event in Brighton. It was very
convenient for me to come because my brow game has never been strong and
I did need to get my bushy brows tinned and waxed. Every time I try to
do my eyebrows myself ...

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I'm In New York State of Mind
When landing in New York I actually felt like my dreams came true however cheesy that sounds! Go on and judge me and let me tell you that I also cried when we were landing. I found more than I was hoping for and felt heart broken when I was leaving. It felt...

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This Is My MonkiStyle
coat and bag - Monki , trousers - Zara, dirty shoes - Timberlands (I don't shop in Zara anymore, these are old ) These photos were taken by my friend and photographer Vasil Dzhagalov. Thanks Vas! I really appreciate it. Have a look at his website . I always...

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10 Things To Do In Toronto
I wonder how long does the holiday blues last. I know I need more travelling, more exploring and learning more about the world and I know a lot of you feel the same which makes me feel better because I know I'm not 'suffering' alone. I cannot wait for my ne...

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Make Time For It & Gresham Blake: Hotel Pelirocco
Oooh I actually love this photo... I know you all must be disgusted by my fringe in the photo and yes we have to talk about this important issue facing all people with fringe. It is not an easy life my dear readers and whenever bringing 'plus two's' to an e...

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Opened In Marina
Oh my days...those burgers! I should have had some food before writing this because now I'm emotional. I often get really dramatic when I'm hungry and I am only saying it because I know it's normal and we're all in this together so please if you are in my '...

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Tallulah's Threads - Flamingo Twin Set
This is me looking (not) very natural and pretending there's nobody taking pictures of me! I love the flamingo set and when I used to dye my hair pink I would always use Directions Flamingo. I miss having colourful hair and this feels too normal and when I ...

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Alone In Lisbon
I went to Lisbon on my own and it was great. The city is so charming and of course I expected it would be nice out there but it just went over my expectations. Like I said I went alone and I'm not trying to say that I wouldn't enjoy it with somebody else bu...
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