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Brian Hall
30-ish native of Kansas, father, husband and son. I am a writer, taphophile, pop culture enthusiast, pseudo-educator and amateur historian.
30-ish native of Kansas, father, husband and son. I am a writer, taphophile, pop culture enthusiast, pseudo-educator and amateur historian.


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Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
Credits Episode 7F09 (#22) Created by  Matt Groening ; Developed by  James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon Written by  John Swartzwelder Directed by  Jim Reardon Executive Producers  James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon Starring  Dan Castellaneta, ...

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Underlined Even
Well, we're finally at that point. Brutus is now so far deranged that he can create whole television networks out of the irregular synapses in his brain. Gladys has no sympathy though. You take your degenerative diseases and go to hell.

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The Good Parts
Was...Was he not supposed to eat it? If it's for Christmas then you should've made it on the 23rd or something. It's going to be stale by the time Christmas comes and stale graham crackers tastes like soggy linoleum. Instead of getting mad at Wilberforce fo...

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Christmas Greed
We are two grown-ass men! Why are we talking about giving a list to Santa? I've never been rich and probably never will be but I've often wondered if there is a switch in the brain that changes when you get a certain amount of money where you wind up greedy...

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Great--Now the Elevator's Stuck
"Linus and Lucy", which was written by Vince Guaraldi in 1964, debuted on a jazz compilation by Guaraldi shortly before premiering on A Charlie Brown Christmas . It is technically not a Christmas song but yet always gets associated with Christmas. The song ...

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Tauy Creek Digest #39: Bobbo in "Sleepwalk With Me"
Brooke had a slight snore as she slept. A small gurgle emanating from her throat and nose. She'd been asleep for couple hours--her bedtime being 9 o'clock. She then shuddered and pulled the blankets off her body. She sat up and extended her arms and began w...

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I'm Not Counting Time-Off
Why would people stop working toward the end of the year? It's not like school where you get two weeks off for Christmas and New Year, you get Christmas Day and New Years Day and maybe  Christmas and New Years Eve. Your work shouldn't stop because you are s...

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Passing the Buck
I don't ever recall Veeblefester ever taking responsibility for anything that happens at his company. Maybe he actually thinks buck means money which it most certainly does not in this context.

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Beggars Can Be Choosers
I looked up a picture of an everything bagel and it does look like someone dropped it on the floor. All it's missing is the pet fur. I'm intrigued by the use of Holey Bagels on the bag. That's the name of a bagel bakery in San Francisco. We've established t...

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Supercomics #8
Superkitten thought that the guy in blue would be stronger. She always went full force during training with America but she had to go beyond that with this guy. Something seemed different with him though. “Why are you in such bright colors?” she asked. “Wha...
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